Йена Сомерхолдера раскритиковали за катание на слоне

Wanted to make it better, but happened as it happened. Actor Ian Somerhalder has decided to draw attention to poaching, in particular to the extermination of elephants for tusks, but , published a photo, on which he rides on the back of an African elephant, the actor came under a barrage of criticism.

Animal protection community RETA was ashamed of the yen and said that riding on the back of this animal is not allowed because it was causing him pain in his back and legs, hurting the spine and shortens life. The fact that many countries provide, as a tourist entertainment, is the slow killing of animals. On 18 March, the Day of protection of animals, RETA stated that 118 travel companies decided to stop elephant riding and shows involving these animals.
With regard to animal protection activist Somerhalder, photos, which Ian now throw tomatoes, it was made in Zimbabwe in 2013 without any malicious intent stars of “the vampire Diaries”. The actor, a longtime representative stosowanej organization WildAid just wanted poachers stopped to exterminate elephants for ivory. According to the information available to that organization, in the year killed about 33 thousand of these beautiful animals.
“When you cease trading, cease and murder. The time has come to stop senseless slaughter of these beautiful creatures” — Ian wrote on his page in the social network.

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