Бузова подсидела известную актрису в спектакле «Мужчина нарасхват»

The day before New year Olga Buzova officially divorced from Dmitry Tarasov. Couple divorced and now each of them lives its own life. Tarasov, according to rumors, is again preparing to become a father, but Olga plunged into work. Buzova, which not long ago presented his new song, decided to conquer the stage.

On his page in Instagram the girl published a photo of the Billboard, thereby announcing that she was approved for the lead role in the play “the Man snapped”. Colleagues of Olga in the play will be former KVN schiki Eugene Nikishin and Sergey Pisarenko and star Comedy Club Anton lirnyk.

Interestingly, while Buzova glad of his success, netizens resent. The thing is that Olga is likely to come to the role previously played Maria Gorban. By the way, your shift with the role Gorban found out via social media.

“How is this possible? Was in Moscow on your performance got a lot of fun. What Buzova now???” – wrote the vigilant fan.Here it happens in our profession… I hear from fans that no longer play in the play, who spent a year and a half of life — art, tours, advertising. Sorry that this is happening behind my back… very uncomfortable. But what can I say, a good audience to you, friends! All the world”, – said Gorban.

“Just a nightmare… With the level of “House– 2″ in place of Maria Gorban! The organizers wisely moved at all… Yes, even on the sly. Even Mary not said! Maybe experiment some?”, “Olga, you know, there are great scientists, artists, etc. who have already died, but the glory of them goes so far. So you have to focus on one thing, and then you have so many everywhere, but really nowhere and there is a maximum that I remember your name is “Dom-2″. I feel sorry for you that you can’t decide in your calling… Rushing from side to side,” wrote the frustrated users.

The creators of the show still did not react.