The creators of “Sherlock” has commented on the controversial moments of the final episode

Создатели «Шерлока» прокомментировали спорные моменты финального эпизода

Not in time for the fourth season of “Sherlock” to begin, as we have already discussed his last series. [if you haven’t managed to watch the final episode, we advise you not to read the news]

Immediately after displaying the final series of the fans of “Sherlock” blew up Twitter with comments about how he liked them, or disappointed. As expected, opinions were divided: some were amazed at the flight of thought of the authors, someone said that the writers have surpassed themselves in confusion and the desire to show what is actually show is not worth it. Whatever it was, the indifferent, the series has not left anybody.

Immediately after the screening of the final episode of Steven Moffat and mark Gatiss held a press conference, where he commented on all the controversial moments of the series.

Создатели «Шерлока» прокомментировали спорные моменты финального эпизода

For example, Moffat said that Sherlock differs from Mycroft. Stephen admitted that Sherlock always manages to be the smarter brother, because he understands human feelings: “Not because he really is smarter — he’s a little less smart — but because of his emotions, his relationships with other human beings; the wisdom that he gained through relations with the outside world, made him stronger.”

In principle, the same distinction can be found between Sherlock and Mycroft with them suddenly appeared to the viewer the sister ever: “Extreme ever, which has no ties at all to anything, is the brain in its pure form. A complete misunderstanding of what it means to be human, forcing Sherlock to realize that his work with all that, what he was trying to leave, is precisely what makes it the strongest. He’s not as clever as ever or Mycroft, but he always will win because he is better and stronger. So he becomes a Sherlock Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett… a Wise old man with Baker street, to which we are accustomed, is still horrible and cold, but now we have no doubt that he has a heart”.

Couldn’t the creators not to comment and pop about the continuing “Sherlock” so I hope his fans: “we actually just finished the story of how Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson become what you always knew. It’s all backstory, and we never wanted… But the reason why you should leave it in that condition is that if we really go back — and we are terribly wanted then we could just start with a knock on the door, and the words of Sherlock: “Want to play?”

We will remind that the day before the premiere of the final series of the show, she was “merged” into the Network with Russian dubbing.

Representatives of the BBC have said that what happened could hardly be accidental, since its own security BBC “surpasses the gold standard”. Meanwhile, First channel, which showed the fourth season in Russia, began its own investigation – the representatives of the channel said that the cause of “leakage” in the network of the final series of “Sherlock” could be hacked. In any case, this case is being investigated and if caught the perpetrators, they will be held accountable for their actions.