«Я люблю Тейлор Свифт»: Том Хиддлстон публично признался в любви певице

Actor Tom Hingston publicly confessed love Taylor swift with lettering on the shirt, which surprised their fans.

Tom Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston) and Taylor swift (Taylor Swift) Dating from the end of may. Despite the fact that the stars do not comment on his novel, Tom and Taylor is not hiding from the paparazzi. Photographers followed the couple throughout their romantic journey. They managed to capture the actor and singer and during their stay with friends on the beach of Rhode island, where they celebrated independence Day in the company of Blake lively (Blake Lively), Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds), Karlie Kloss (Karlie Kloss), and others.

Not to make an official statement about the sincerity of his feelings, Tom Hiddleston wearing a shirt that says “I love TS” in English, and on the shoulder painted in red paint the heart with the letter T inside.

Fans of Hiddleston this step disappointed: they considered him naive and stupid about what I wrote in social networks:

“So vanishes my love for Tom Hiddleston. Pass the sick bucket.”

“I don’t know how Tom Hiddleston can get out of it.”

“Oh, my God. Someone’s got to affect Tom Hiddleston”

All-in Tome and Taylor was nice, until he put on the shirt”.

This recognition of the actor made the press again to doubt the authenticity of the novel swift and Hiddleston. Media surprised the transience of their relationship — Taylor swift started Dating Tom Hiddleston in a couple of weeks after breaking up with Calvin Harris (Calvin Harris). In addition, they quickly met each other’s parents, while, according to insiders, with the parents of Harris, the singer was found not once in all the 15 months that they were together. Journalists confused by the number of paparazzi photos that have appeared since the beginning of their romance and the fact that the couple is not hiding from photographers.

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