«Мне больше не больно»: как сложилась жизнь Ольги Бузовой после развода 30 December last year, the presenter has terminated the marriage with Dmitry Tarasov. After several years of happy married life the husband and wife decided to break off the relationship. Olga was able to survive a bad breakup and to reach a new level in his career.
«Мне больше не больно»: как сложилась жизнь Ольги Бузовой после развода

30 December 2016, the year Olga Buzova divorced with Dmitry Tarasov. TV presenter and footballer had been married for more than 4 years. Their wedding took place on 26 June 2012. Many admired the beautiful couple, and also noted how the husband gallantly courting a wife. However, in the autumn of last year in respect of the pair of discord occurred.

Love does not work

First, the media began to appear information that Olga and Dmitri spend time separately. Last fall, the football player had fun with friends, and Olya worked extensively in the role of the leading “House-2” and was thinking about beginning a solo career. Besides, on the page in social network Buzova sometimes laid out very contradictory posts. In November 2016 in the microblog celebrities appeared in the controversial verse.

You know… the Angels one day tired:

From someone of lies, betrayal and pain,

From the promises that you give

To keep that you have not enough will.

From small degrading of the offense,

From bitter tears, to hide behind a smile,

Tired of waiting in silence,

Which is tormented by terrible torture.

They suddenly realize is not needed.

Their he waited, to whom they were sent.

And the wings of that wounded, ill

They are in trouble needlessly tripped.

It is a sentence to death.

With folded wings the angel disappears.

And only then, you will understand that you are one.

No more angel. No one covers.

Fans Buzova followed the development of the situation. Many called Olga and Dmitry to make peace. However, at the time each of the couples all figured out. Subsequently, the TV star has repeatedly hinted that the relations in the family have deteriorated because of the betrayal of her husband.

“Adequately accept whatever fate brings. Yes, I did, but when the love story has no continuation, it should “burn” and move on. Early family and relationship was in the first place, now – work,” said Olga.
«Мне больше не больно»: как сложилась жизнь Ольги Бузовой после развода

The Network was rumored that Dima is showing the girl he was cheating on Olga. However, the footballer did not comment on this information, preferring to journalists contacted Buzova, which was more open to conversations.

Old lovers found the strength to come to the divorce process. Olga was beside herself, trying to hide his face. By the way, shortly before the official dissolution of the marriage, the young woman changed her hair color. For a long time Buzova was blonde, but suddenly dyed her hair brunette. Fans immediately realized that like many other women, faced with an unpleasant breakup, Olga decided to change the image.

After parting with Dmitry star supported her family. Some said that the man broke up with presenter, as it didn’t do anything at home, but also refused to have children in the near future. Relatives were worried about the condition Oli.

“Igor is eager to leave St. Petersburg to Moscow, – said the grandmother of Olga Tamara. – Wants to see Dima in the eye, afraid that with his fists pounce on him. Therefore, Olga asks him not to interfere. November 26, Igor had a birthday – she sent flowers, candy – sama because of work are unable to be. Lately the granddaughter withdrew into himself, became less likely to call. Promised that everything will return to normal as soon as you affix your signature in the application for divorce.”

You can’t imagine how flash

Over a long period of time Olga tried not to discuss the breakup with her ex-husband. She threw herself into work. However, all the pain we experienced in Buzova, was visible in her songs. Only after a time, the celebrity has admitted that he was almost ready to say goodbye to life because I could not understand why everything had happened.

“When we broke up, for me it was hell. I have a month did not sleep and did not eat. Came up to big health problems – even had to lay under droppers. I was so hurt that I couldn’t walk, talk, I was completely lost and didn’t understand what was happening to me. I used to think that “ground from under the feet” is only a spectacular phrase. But then physically felt it… I just didn’t know how to live further”, – says Olga.

Came to the aid of people who are worried about her. Against the background of parting with Dmitry Tarasov Olga even managed to establish a relationship with his mother, who has always been very demanding daughter. It supported the heir, and advised not to stop on reached and not to worry. Itself Buzova admitted that the gap with the husband have strongly influenced her worldview.

“My relatives still are not fully aware of how I found the strength. Just at some point I realized that there are two ways to dive into a deep depression from which it would be difficult to get out, or to go to work. Active saved me, you pulled out the heavy States. So I would and girls, and young people who find themselves in a similar situation, advised something to get involved,” explained Olga in conversation with Natalia Varvina “StarHit”.

I have everything in order

Olga managed to escape. She began to storm the pop scene. Many of his colleagues in show business are constantly criticized the star of “House-2”, claiming that it lacks the vocal and incorrectly behave at concerts. Itself Buzova began to wear provocative outfits that were discussed by journalists and users of social networks. A celebrity tried so upload your everyday life, leaving no time to analyze privacy.

Olga Buzova was accused of vulgarity for a bold outfit

“To be honest, sometimes I feel the fear of losing one. Sometimes, when I get home in 2-3 hours a night after shooting and I met three dogs, I think, “Lord, if it be so all my life?!” – admitted Olga.

However, the television personality and aspiring singer almost always managed to hide the emotion on people. Only some video interviews she was crying, as journalists caught her by surprise with my questions. The song “People didn’t believe”, released by Olga, gave the answer to many questions. In the video for the song, the artist burned the wedding dress, which was present at the marriage of Dmitry Tarasov.

Learn to love your pain to let go.

Let again be mistaken, but back I come back.
Different addresses, it is important to be ceased.
You saved, all in their places.

Let someone say we are not the same.
I will understand their fate.
The words are not about love will forgive you.
I become stronger, I become stronger.

You don’t get

Many colleagues and fans Buzova began to suspect in the summer of 2017, the year that she began a new novel, for such a beautiful girl can’t be one. However, she refused all suitors because the old pain is not forgotten. During his stay in America, when His was filming the new clip, she even managed to meet a young man who was interested in her.

“I went and realized that he was disappointed. The meeting was held… in any way. Modern men need this to be easy, they don’t want responsibility. I kind of relationship uninteresting. For a year I never allowed myself even to kiss! Old wounds have not yet healed. In any case, definitely do not want anyone to see and there is something to dream about. Everything happens when it should. I let go of the situation”, – said Olga.

Yet Buzova rarely reciprocates the representatives of the stronger sex. Even when the participant “Houses-2” Roman Gritsenko began to give her attention, she ignored them. And recently the young man had hurt her, with a kiss with another girl.

Olga Buzova men outraged betrayal

All the emotions expressed in His new song called “Wi-Fi”. “Some men today behave exactly like Wi-Fi, sprayed and giving yourself and your emotions all in a row. I’m not one of those people. I have a very difficult password to hack it only with loyalty, love, diligence and perseverance. Don’t be Wi-Fi, don’t give yourself all keep the most valuable – for yourself and your loved ones. Girl, my Princess, remember, you deserve only the princes. And I assure you that they are, and we will meet them in the way of our happiness. It is not necessary to waste your time”, – commented Olga the output of one of the last tracks.

Not coming back

In addition to releasing a solo album in the fall of 2017, the year and the tour, timed to coincide with this occasion, she was to work in new projects on television. This furor has made the arrival of Buzova on the First channel. A young woman appeared in the show “woman’s Rebellion”.

“The daily news talk show “womanish revolt” is a female perspective on everything that happens in the world. Five women-with different fate and different views on life will gather at the same table to see the flow of news is most interesting and relevant. The program “womanish revolt” not only tell about what is happening in the world, but explain why this is so”, – explained the press service, the launch of a new transmission.

However, according to the television program, the audience did not like this format, so shooting sho decided to suspend.

May Abrikosov defended Olga Buzova after the scandal with “Babi revolt”

«Мне больше не больно»: как сложилась жизнь Ольги Бузовой после развода

I’m cold one

New 2018 year, Olga decided to meet on stage and corporate events. According to some, Buzova will appear on multiple channels on the eve of the holiday. However, at the end of the year the TV presenter got a nasty surprise. Dmitry Tarasov made a proposal of marriage to his sweetheart Anastasia Kostenko. It all happened in the romantic setting of the Maldives. The footballer chose not to comment on past relationships, when communicated with “StarHit”.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko: “We want lots of kids”

“I’m a very cool person. Can not long endure, to weigh, to consider, but if you explode, you irrevocably. Love has passed, wilted tomatoes. I don’t want anyone to accuse and insult. This story ended. In any case, both are guilty, is not the case that only one,” said Dmitry.

But Olga surprised fans strange post in a few hours after the publication of Anastasia Kostenko. “You have to be beautiful. Let offended. Got up, went away. If your pride, your strength. Despite the fact that it hurts the soul. You have to be beautiful. Laugh, sing, don’t show pain. Even if you’re unloved. Don’t change never your role,” wrote Buzova.

The record caused a discussion in a social network. Many users noted that the singer and TV presenter is still not forgotten all five years of the life of Dmitry Tarasov.