Муж Виктории Дайнеко о разводе: «Не буду ничего налаживать» Today, the singer said that she and her husband have decided to disperse for some time. Judging by microblog Victoria Daineko, she deleted all pictures with the chosen one. Dmitry Kleiman confirmed “StarHit” that they encountered some problems in the relationship.

      Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman are going through difficult times. The artist often gave reason for the fans to think that they had some difficulties in the family. However, this time, according to the singer, and they all had to disperse. Meanwhile, probably offended by wife, Victoria deleted all pictures with him in his microblog. And on 8 March, the artist was called the holiday and spent it in the company of his daughter.

      “StarHit” contacted Dmitry Kleiman and learned that their family really was a disorder. Obviously, talking about the wife causing him some irritation.

      “We are not divorced like, but it happens all. I don’t know what it is. Let as Vic thinks and says. She will tell you the truth. Not going to fix anything. Hope she’s got something to do,” said the musician.

      By the way, on international women’s day Dmitry was the concert together with his band Drum Mafia. According to the drummer, the event was very good. Probably, the high attention of fans to the brutal musician sometimes irritated Victoria. In one of the posts, the young woman even openly admitted that jealous chosen. Cheryl Cole’s furious girlfriend flirting with her husband

      Kleiman always tried to smooth out the sharp points in family life. “Couples argue, that’s fine. We are a young family, we have a beautiful daughter with her too hard… We all learn something not always turns out… Vika periodically spends the night on his feet, the mood then affected by lack of sleep…. And she’s a temperamental girl,” said the drummer “StarHit”.

      Recall that Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman were married in April 2015. Registration of marriage took place in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. After a few months, the couple had a daughter. The parents carefully guard the baby from the increased attention from the public. Still fans Daineko don’t know the name of the girl and not see her face. But Victoria is willing to share stories about the baby on Twitter, occasionally speaking about the difficulties she faces.