Mother Svetlana Loboda overshadowed her at the concert

Мама Светланы Лободы затмила ее на концерте The ninth of March in Kiev held a large solo concert of the singer. To support her came the closest. Svetlana Loboda shared a joint with the mother in social networks. Subscribers do not expect to see such a young woman.

      Family life many of the stars for a long time remains in the shadows. Fans trying to find out about their idols, all to be closer to their history. Perhaps that is why Instagram all look forward to the photographs of artists with children, loved by parents.

      Svetlana Loboda decided as an exception to diversify the tape and placed in the microblog frame with mom. The picture was taken right after a big concert Loboda in the “sports Palace” in Kiev. The actress this evening came to support not only friends and colleagues – Alexander Revva and Monatic, but the closest person. The star confessed that a relative of this evening was very worried and barely holding back tears. “After the concert, my mom cried with joy and pride, and I’m tired and happy managed to capture the moment…” – wrote in the post Svetlana. The followers were very surprised to learn that the singer all the time to hide such a beautiful and young woman.

      “What a mother! Wow! Both stunning, such a beautiful and young mom! How old is she?”, “Beauty! Svetlana, to be honest, I thought mom much older than You… here, as girls do”, “Beauties both! Mom survived… Fashionista!” commented fans Loboda in the Network.

      Many noted that only such a handsome woman could educate talented and successful daughter. It is interesting that Svetlana herself, despite the constant shooting and touring, trying also to properly educate the heiress and to give the maximum paid attention to.

      “Eva is very active and developed child. To school we go in six years. She has a great memory, she easily remembers the poems, retells stories. And she is very socially active, loves society, company. At school she will be quite comfortable. We already decided that we were going to study in Kiev, in the school of foreign languages. I want to give her daughter a good education, a bright full life. Eva is developing very fast, and I see that she is interested in, and try to give her. So the girl constantly busy. Thus in the evening to put her to sleep is impossible: this is some incredible ball of energy. For me, as for any mother, it is important that the child was happy, if she chooses sa” – shared with “StarHit” the singer.