Муж Ольги Романовской позволяет ей раздеваться на публике Host of the show “Revizorro” does not hesitate to show her magnificent body on the racy shots, which she shared with followers in social networks. According to Olga, her husband Andrew does not mind such images.

      Муж Ольги Романовской позволяет ей раздеваться на публике

      Host of the show “Revizorro” Olga Romanovskaya is not shy to show her magnificent body in candid photos that can see around 55 thousand people who read her blog. All subscribers ex-member of the group “VIA Gra” wonder how her husband Andrew allows to put such naughty pictures.

      Romanov decided to explain to followers that her husband does not forbid anything. The star showed a photo of in a short negligee that reveals her legs and bare shoulders.

      “Thanks to my husband who not only supports me in all my, even the most stupid ideas, not only allows me to put here these photos, but he actually makes them even choose. I hope he will appreciate this, though not very thin, but high quality “padmas,” wrote Olga under the frame.
      Муж Ольги Романовской позволяет ей раздеваться на публике

      According to some subscribers in Instagram leading too many candid photos for a mother of two children. Other follower left Olga compliments. “Insanely beautiful”, “Gorgeous”, “You like all of the tales! Thank you, Olga and Andrei Romanov, that you are in this world! You are an example of strong love and wisdom of family happiness!”, – your wrote members of the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra”.

      By the way, Andrey Romanovsky is proud of his wife. The man puts family photos and fun shots from my vacation with my wife. Unfortunately, in recent time, they often have to leave, since they have the same work schedules. The ordeal is a long separation. Even thought that can’t tolerate the fact that loved ones are not around, that you communicate with them only by phone and can’t hug and kiss them right now. I hope very much hope that this period will soon end and we will all be together again every day and every moment,” wrote in microblogging Andrew family photo with sons and wife.

      We will remind that Olga Romanovskaya busy with the shooting of the project “Revizorro” leading which she began in early April. After the girl had replaced the Lena Volatile, many fans of the show expressed dissatisfaction. When only started shooting a new season, the Romanov didn’t know how to be in a given situation. “I’m still not exactly understand how to behave in a given situation, but the good behind has always been a producer, Lena, who has guided me in the right direction. Now I’m much easier to adapt in any place!”, – says Olga. The new host of “Revizorro”: “compared to Lena Fly, I’m cute!”

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