Муж Миллы Йовович засматривался на Лену Летучую Paul Anderson became interested in Russian TV presenter. Milla Jovovich and her husband visited Moscow last week, presenting a new part of the film “Resident evil”. During a visit to Russia, the Director appreciated the beauty of the local women.

      Муж Миллы Йовович засматривался на Лену Летучую

      Milla Jovovich and her husband Paul Anderson arrived in Moscow on 14 February for the premiere of “resident evil”. During the day, they managed to participate in photo shoots, give dozens of interviews to attend a film screening and evening alone in the company of friends in the restaurant, O2 Lounge on the roof “Ritz-Carlton”. Among the guests were actor Ivan Nikolaev, Vijay Katya Guseva, actress Irina Shevchuk and leading presenter with her husband.

      “Galina, mother of Milla, said that at the party too many beautiful ladies, – says Katya Guseva, and asked the son-in-law not to stare at the ladies. The woman said that he was spotted leading the “Revizorro”. Later, Galina repeatedly told her daughter that her husband should be jealous. Of course, I found that she was joking. In General, Milla and Paul looked happy at the end of the evening sitting on the couch, hugging and kissing”.
      Муж Миллы Йовович засматривался на Лену Летучую

      With his parents in the capital had to fly 9-year-old daughter Eva, who also took part in the shooting, but because studies are unable. Stayed at home and mladshaja the daughter of actress – year-old, Dashiel. Caring grandmother bought grandchildren gifts: Masha and the Bear, bright headdresses.

      And Milla was taken from Russia a gift from longtime friend actor Ivan Nikolaev. “I found her earrings in the form of the Russian coat of arms double-headed eagle from the jeweler Peter Aksenov – to her they went,” said the man.