Svetlana permjakova, “I answered him, I agree”

Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна» The actress told “StarHit” about the new beloved. In my personal life the stars have been major changes. Svetlana Permyakova, as dreamed of, met the man with whom she is good and calm. Ex-boyfriend of the actress repeatedly wanted her to find a war, and ironically, that’s exactly what happened.

      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»

      Last week, 17 February, host of “About the main thing” on the channel “Russia 1” celebrated its 45th anniversary. Permyakova congratulated not only colleagues and family, and new boyfriend. “He’s military, – happily smiling, he shared the Svetlana. – We’ve only just begun!” About the relationship, the education of her daughter and chronic disease Svetlana and said “StarHit”.

      “Max is jealous of Sasha and me”

      Svetlana, 45 will, of course, not give. How yourself you feel?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»Somewhere in tridtsatnik. And wisdom, the beauty, the mind – well, Yes, 45. This is a great date, I’m happy about it. Recently I remembered that the passport change! Its Director has already warned that he will have all this red tape.—
      That her daughter Barbara gave?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»The picture, which she generally draws every day and gives with the words: “Mom, here’s your gift!” There family, grandma, the snow, the flower – “I sing What I see” is called. The jubilee was celebrated in style karaoke: I asked guests to give songs. Cooking chose “You and I, Yes we with you.” Performed a duet. This song is another of my youth.—
      Surely Victor, your lover, is also congratulated. In the summer you said that you have a new novel.
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»We’re not together. These relations could not develop further certain limits. Thanks to Victor – he came when I needed words of love and tenderness. I think, and I too am grateful for the sincerity of feelings. Still talk on the phone, chatting amicably. But now I have other relationships, and I think more serious.—
      Who is he?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»With Sasha, we met at New year. But don’t laugh. In the theater. A friend dragged him to the show. He’s a grown man, three years older than me. Responsible. What’s there to explain he’s in the army. Sasha was not afraid to approach, to Express admiration and to invite to dinner. I agreed. Perhaps that was careless. But had begun to feel some kind of sympathy. Glad this man appeared in my life. Because I’m really busy, he too, fails to reach even a candy-bouquet period. All telephone conversations. Happen, meet for coffee or lunch… Some of the things Sasha still does not feel the need to hint. Tell him about Valentine’s Day. He begins to think, like, something gotta give, how to surprise. I confess: “I would be pleased”. And the man from his uniform and charters depart, is not averse to arrange, for example, a romantic dinner with flowers.

      With my daughter it was time to meet?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»Yet. And in the New year, and in recent months have been frequent rehearsals, tours… Sasha realizes that some things I physically cannot do.—
      Maxim, Papa Kassandra, certainly knows about Alexander. Jealous?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»With understanding. Jealousy, of course. But it’s more of a sense of responsibility. MAKS me so hard. Wants the relationship was serious, and most of the time wanted me to meet the military. That was nagell. He always wondered how there Alexander. Later they will introduce.
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»

      “Daughter, she buys things”

      What Vari talents? How develop it?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»English she deals with daddy – Maxime is fluent in the language. In the kindergarten runs a pottery class, dancing – teacher started to praise her. However, plastics is not enough. This year we plan to give it in the circus Studio or on acrobatics. My daughter has strong arms, she loves to climb, not afraid of heights. In addition, Cooking for the first time up on skis in the winter. My brother Basil was engaged in this sport professionally, she loves him. My daughter listens to my advice: bend legs, push off with sticks… So pleased! While warming up the house – there child enough space. Make a circle of 300 meters. Said to her: “Cooking, get ready, next year will stand on the track, will ride!”—
      What else are you doing with my daughter?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»Her songs like “zasypaniya”. Asks, “Mom, sing the song “Thin Rowan”. Few children now know such a rarity. Asks, “is This an old song?” They say, well, Yes, I was singing it your grandmother, and now I tell you, daughter, sing. Books Cooking is also respected. She has an entire shelf of the library, there is a “Golden key”, “the Wizard of oz.” Daughter pokes a finger: “Today this one will read!”—
      Mom’s makeup is drags?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»If we’re going somewhere, all tell on for an hour more. She even highlighted in a separate makeup bag. There’s leftover mascara, blush, the fact that not much is painted. With the Pope they love to go shopping and in the evening everything to try it. Definitely need, to someone appreciated, called her a Princess. From the mouth of max, these words are especially appreciated. Cooking, by the way, she pays for purchases. We go to the store, give her a card, she chooses clothes, on size fit, the daughter brings it to the cashier and swipe the card through the device. Then dad dials a pin code. But she feels very business-like.

      Are there hard on her?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»We have Varya zaryblenny child. But what should and how does. Maybe to fool around and annoy me, and make some noise, but when we come to visit or for the event, Cooking behaves quite differently. Immediately recalled all the rules of propriety – in the cloth do not blow your nose!—
      As far as I know, you are a believer. Daughter drive to Church?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»Possible every Sunday for communion. Cooking knows the father, his godfather – his father Alexander Abramov, our spiritual father – the father of Valeria. And loves our Lyubertsy temple, little, wooden. There’s always a lot of children. We even go out early to Cooking with all the time to get acquainted. After communion, she runs out into the yard to play snowballs with the kids, catch-up. Yet there is a shop with delicious cakes, it is always turn.—
      You are the program of health. Learned something new?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»We communicate a lot behind the scenes, circle of friends, doctors expanded. It’s nice that sometimes they call themselves. Recently I cough-cough,one asks: “the Light when you had a CT scan of the chest?” Say: “A Long Time”. After 5 minutes, calls back: “Tomorrow I wait for you there.” To sum up not going. It turns out, did not notice that had pneumonia on my feet. To Vari found a therapist, immunologist, Maxim drag on the doctors. Alexander is not “cultivated” in this sense, but there is all right: in a healthy body – healthy spirit.
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»
      Now is the time of winter-spring Blues. As uplifting?
      Светлана Пермякова: «Я ответила ему: согласна»Massages like bath. Is tired… But Cooking is my battery, my escape. If she’s not, really miss call on Skype – just nice to hear a native voice. And so – to go out to breathe fresh air, drink tea, listen to music and go to bed beside Varya, to bury it – here it is happiness. And get some sleep. Fatigue is gone. I daughter to say all the time: “We can’t Wake up in a bad mood, we’re girls! Only on the positive. Then will come the desire to create.” And she listens.