Супруг Марины Кравец ревнует ее к резидентам Comedy Club The Joker works in a male environment. Marina Kravets married almost five years ago, a fellow student. Microblogging artist full of photos with colleagues. However, this does not affect her family life.

Comedian Marina Kravets began her career with participation in the KVN team “YOKE”. However, several times appeared together with members of the “national Team mfyua” and “Faculty of journalism”. Eight years ago she became a permanent resident of Comedy Club. Despite the fact that the Marina is surrounded by a large number of men, her classmate Arkady Vodakov could win a girl’s heart. In 2013, they were married. Kravets told how her husband relates to the fact that she works in a male environment.

“I’m in a Comedy Club since the beginning of 2010. In the men’s team I’m on Comedy Radio. Some residents we know even from 2007 when I lived in St. Petersburg. Dima “Lyskom” Sorokin and Timur by Batrutdinova we could even meet for another five years before. They worked at that time in St. Petersburg, across the street from my house! My husband also knows everyone for a long time, so in this regard we are all calm,” admitted the Joker.

Also in the microblog in Marina lot of photos with her colleagues. Apparently, the wife is not confused – he totally trusts her and is not plagued by jealousy and suspicion. Kravets believes that the key to good relations is in a similar Outlook on life and common interests. “Partners should strive for self-development, to avoid stagnation, and to know where they move, both professionally and spiritually and physically. Let these directions will be slightly different, but in the evening two people will meet, talk about what I’ve learned during the day, and push each other to something new. It’s great,” the singer says.

In spite of mutual love and trust, the couple often indulge each other with gifts. Marina admits that in the evenings they organize romantic dinners. Comedian said in an interview Woman.ru that asks the spouse not expensive gifts and food.

“We agreed with my husband that on holidays he gives me a bag of chips. And even on Valentine’s Day I don’t need flowers, don’t need a car and even apartment. But a packet of crisps with black pepper and salt — it’s a great gift,” says Kravets.