Муж Марины Александровой признался, как им удалось спасти брак The actress and her husband became participants of the program “One day” on NTV. Celebrity couple spoke about how they managed to build a strong relationship and keep the family together. The chosen artist believes that Marina is properly behaved at a critical moment.

      Муж Марины Александровой признался, как им удалось спасти брак

      Marina Alexandrova and Andrei Boltenko married for over eight years. They raise four year old son Andrew and her daughter Catherine. Their marriage is considered to be one of the strongest in show business. Each of them managed to realize themselves in a career. Alexandrova starred in 50 films, and alternative dispute resolution directing the “Eurovision” in Moscow and the Olympic Games in Sochi. This man does not hide that their relations with spouse could come to an end, if Marina did not show wisdom.

      Marina Alexandrova brought out four year old son

      According to Andrew, at some point, the work began to take him too much time, and he almost never came home. It was hard for him to accept the fact that the favorite wife was left alone with a newborn baby. It seemed that the situation could lead to rupture, but fortunately for deputies, it did not happen. Director I am sincerely grateful to the actress for what she managed to survive with him not the easiest times.

      “If I were her, I would have kicked myself, when did the Olympics. Well, it is impossible to live with a man who three years he traveled the world and never came home. The Olympics was in some sense the patience of the Marina, support and tears,” admitted Andrew.
      Муж Марины Александровой признался, как им удалось спасти брак

      Marina Aleksandrova, in spite of everything, grateful to her husband and believes that it is better no one. The actress admits that at first it was hard for her to cope with maternal responsibilities. “Andrew is very thin and I felt the lump that was inside of me. For example, he brought us to ride on water motorcycles. I went with the idea that I’m a mother, I was not myself. And suddenly that wind, water salinity, freshness…I suddenly realized that all that fear was gone and I was extremely happy to be a mother,” he told the actress.

      The actress said that can not accurately determine, for that love of the spouse. Her hard enough to talk about their feelings. Star is confident that things almost defy explanation.

      “Good or bad – that to me does not matter. He’s mine! Sometimes someone look at it and think that it is interesting, beautiful, but not mine. Andrew’s birthday in one day with my mom, and call him as my dad. Tell me, isn’t it my man?” – says Alexandrov in the program.

      In the program, the actress also admitted that he did not want to disclose many personal moments. Alexandrov explained that it is not ready to give all family secrets. “We own some offscreen life, and it, believe, not inferior to vivid life, even, perhaps, the film sometimes more faded on the background of real life,” said the celebrity.