Nadezhda Babkina did excellent repair in the apartment overlooking the Kremlin

Надежда Бабкина сделала шикарный ремонт в квартире с видом на Кремль Living room, kitchen and a study of the singer decorated in loft style. The housing arrangement of Nadezhda Babkina in the center of Moscow – a gift to birthday of the singer, which she bought for herself by contacting the program “a Perfect repair”.

      Надежда Бабкина сделала шикарный ремонт в квартире с видом на Кремль

      The famous singer Nadezhda Babkina, which 19 Mar celebrates its birthday, we decided for the holiday to equip your apartment in Bryusov lane, which it acquired back in the mid 90-ies. It is the center of the capital, from the window of the home of Hope Bonner offers views of the Moscow Kremlin and the churches. With the help of the national actress of Russia has addressed in the transfer of “Perfect repair”.

      “I watch your program and every time I admire how you transform the apartment for the people, – said Babkin host of Natasha Barbier. Help me to create such a dwelling, where it would be beautiful, nice, home-and guests – with solemnity. And I need a big dressing room, I’m an artist”.

      Надежда Бабкина сделала шикарный ремонт в квартире с видом на Кремль

      The room area is 60 square meters, this space was decided to equip the kitchen, living area and office. In the development of the project involved the son of Nadezhda Babkina Daniel, an architect by profession. As the apartment is in a historic building, the designers decided to keep the interior of the old brick wall, which is in the spirit of time, as is now in Vogue style loft.

      Between the living area and office built the wall, but the doors do not have, thereby saving space. In the apartment installed new Windows, blocks which are made of solid oak. They have two-tone trim on the outside they are white, same as all Windows in this historic building. Inside the window is a walnut color. The master set professional anti-burglary fittings.

      The kitchen set Italian furniture, whose body is made of ash wood and the facade is made of oak. Headsets, two-tone, white with gold fronts that resonate with oak flooring. In General, a combination of two colors – a feature of the project.

      The Windows were adorned with decorative hangings on the lining. Fabric from the new collection of German manufacturers, it with a classic pattern, lemon-gold, the favorite color of Hope Babkina in Addition to lemon yellow, the interior is actively present and gray. For example, in a velvet upholstered chair and Ottoman.

      Showcase for dishes made in the Italian factory. To delineate the area of the living room, put the dresser in solid cherry with natural veneer with the wormhole effect.

      Надежда Бабкина сделала шикарный ремонт в квартире с видом на Кремль

      There is a sofa with a padded gray color, its decoration steel decorative cushions made from curtain fabric. Pridivanny table made of solid cherry. From the same material and manufactured by high chest of drawers which looks very interesting against a brick wall.

      In the office of Nadezhda Babkina fit bookcases, bureaus, piano, Italian Desk chair, upholstered in lemon velvet. The main decoration of this part of the room was the fireplace. Its portal is made of Italian marble.

      “Oh my God, what a beauty! – admired the work of designers Nadezhda Babkina. – I waited for a good, high quality, ideal repair. How elegant! Thanks to all who created such an amazing atmosphere.”