Муж Елизаветы Боярской страдал от игромании

Passion of Maxim Matveeva to gambling all but destroyed the marriage of the actors.

The rumors about the breakup of Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth Boyar appear every year. However, they have been together for six years. And raising a son.

But in the life of actors was different! And not all rumors were unfounded… for Example, a few years ago marriage was unraveling because according to Maxim from gambling.

“Maxim was a gambling addict and gambled away the money gambling, said the man Matveeva in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — As far as I know, almost the whole of his fee for the film “Stilyagi” Maxim spent in the casino. And in the casino first, he went with Elizabeth. I saw them in a closed elite club “Athlete”. First it was their shared entertainment, a joke. When he sunk all of his fee and gone into debt, she rescued him financially. When Maxim was the husband of Lisa, he continued to play. And it is not like Elizabeth. As far as I know, Lisa turned to the father that he has promoted. They found the best doctors, and Matveev got rid of a gaming addiction”.

In this case the relatives claim that Maxim and Lisa really loved each other. Although because of the strong temperaments not gathered completely, and continue to live in the two cities.

“Because of these encounters Lisa moved permanently to Moscow, and Maxim – Peter. Lisa explains to the audience, saying, I have work in St. Petersburg, and he’s in Moscow, so we are leaving on time, and in General we have the perfect family. But I think if she wanted, a long time ago would have moved. I know that many theatres in Moscow who would love to see her in her troop,” said friends of the couple.

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