Video of the castle: Pugacheva – in the bathroom, Galkin – in the role of Jack Sparrow

Видео из замка: Пугачева – в ванной, Галкин – в роли Джека Воробья

In the Internet appeared the announcement of a new series of Comedy show of Maxim Galkin “Maximmaxim”.

Earlier in the sequential editions of the castle we saw Alla in the kitchen chopping cabbage and advises the spouse to bring home more money, and now the operators captured her in the bathroom...

The plot Pugacheva takes a bath with foam, and then it runs like Jack Sparrow with a gun.

“Maxim?” – said Alla and trying to hide in the water.

“No, Jack,” answers her in perfect English Jack Sparrow.

“What are you, the sea is confused?” – asks Joe.

And the broadcast ends. However, not forever. Then the operators of comforted the audience and showed that to the bathroom to Alla Borisovne walked into johnny Depp, and her husband Maxim Galkin.

“Maxim, Maxim. You do not get bored” – with a smile completes the announcing video artist. “Yes, I am” – echoes her beloved husband.

Video posted by ALLA PUGACHEVA PHOTOS & VIDEOS (@allaprimadonna) Jun 1 2016 4:05 PDT

Video with Alla in the bathroom, by the way, liked the Internet users. In the comments all wrote very positive comments with words of admiration and compliments.

“Alla!”, “Alla, as always, surprised! Such a beautiful, over the years, more and more prettier!”, “Alla Borisovna – the ideal woman! Admire, admire always! Thank You!” – wrote fans Pugacheva and Galkina in the microblog.

By the way!

The first two months of the summer, Alla with a two-year lease, and Harry will spend in Jurmala. She had already rented a luxurious mansion in which, according to local realtor, has everything you need for relaxation: swimming pool, tennis courts that can be transformed into a concert hall, sauna, library, cinema room, a winter garden, a Conservatory with a bamboo grove. Read more HERE.

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