Супруг Елизаветы Боярской показал эксклюзивные кадры со съемок «Анны Карениной»
Maxim Matveyev starred in dangerous episode of the picture.

Супруг Елизаветы Боярской показал эксклюзивные кадры со съемок «Анны Карениной»

Maxim Matveev in the role of Vronsky

Photo: Mila Semina

Maxim Matveev once again demonstrated its
excellent sports training. This time the actor had to learn the basics of show jumping
one of the most challenging equestrian sports. Maxim, who is now engaged in the
the set of the film adaptation of “Anna Karenina”, said in his microblog exclusive
video from the set.

Maxim Matveev in the role of Vronsky

Photo: @maxim_matveev_ Instagram

In order to film an episode called “Jump”, in which the plot Vronsky, performed Matveeva, feed the horse, of course, took the stunt, but most Maxim had to work hard. The first part of the scene the husband of Elizabeth Boyar independently overcomes obstacles on horseback. In order to learn such a difficult trick needed the help of a whole team of professionals.

I jump!!))) Yay!!))) What can I say…the shooting of the object “Jumps” over… it Was very difficult!!! Nervous, scary, difficult, rainy, hot… in every one… I am extremely grateful to all the participants…K. G. Shakhnazarov, , children, triathletes, masters of sports, stunt performers, choreographers-jumping next to you, listening to your advice is a great experience and happiness, the team of art Directors, you’ve done an incredible job, documented, reliable, this incredible work…thank you operator shop, electricians, foremen extras, make-up artists, assistants, the actors that were always there… But now my deepest gratitude to Tatiana Goncharova, ZMS, which prepared me for these scenes…we’re set a task and completed it to 100%….thanks to you and our work, I can confidently say that in this “Anna Karenina” will be footage that no one adaptation… Thank you, dear!! You’re cool!! (A masters mechsnical need to keep such people and such personnel) Continue to work!! #maximation #Mosfilm #Shakhnazarov #annakarenina #shooting #triathlon #staples #aluplussolar #MoE #stuntman #konnosportivnyjj

A video posted by Maxim Matveev (@maxim_matveev_) on Jun 10, 2016 at 12:16pm PDT

Meanwhile, the shooting of “Anna Karenina” Elizabeth Seigniorial in a leading role are in full swing. Incidentally, some time ago appeared the first official shots where we can see the main characters in the film.

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