Scandal in the family by Tatiana Vasilyeva

Громкий скандал в семье Татьяны Васильевой
The son of famous actress filed a lawsuit against his wife.

Громкий скандал в семье Татьяны Васильевой

Tatiana Vasilieva with her daughter Lisa, son Philip and his wife Anastasia

Photo: Elena Sukhova

The scandal happened last fall
when the daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva escaped with a large sum of money and two
grandchildren of a famous actress, was continued. According to the publication “Express Gazeta” wife of Philip Vasilyeva Anastasia Begunova pregnant by another man!

The collapse of the marriage of the son of Tatiana
happened in September 2015. Then, according to Philip, Anastasia escaped with
children from the home, taking with him 350 thousand euros. Now, as it turned out, all
married legman lives in Germany with her new chosen one. News of the
that the actress is expecting an addition to the family, told her colleagues. Anastasia
is now in her sixth month of pregnancy, but the spread about it
in a hurry. Phone stories to their children, Phillip assumes that his father
the future of the child of Beganovi is her partner Dmitri, which she requests
children to call dad.

Tatiana Vasilieva with her grandchildren

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Tatyana Vasilyeva event upset, because she doted on her grandchildren — John and Gregory. It was rumored that she was even willing to forgive her past wrongs, only to sometimes see children of Philip. But, Anastasia, as the son of Tatiana, put stringent conditions Dating — 200 thousand rubles per month for the opportunity to meet with John and Gregory. This turn of events only further distanced the once close-knit family members Vasilyev from each other. By the way, Philip has announced that it recently filed divorce documents with his wife. He is much worried about the fate of his own children and he intends to resolve this issue in court. The son of Tatiana expects to return the children back to Russia.

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