Супруг Екатерины Вилковой не дарит ей подарки The actress appreciates Ilya Lyubimov for other qualities. Ekaterina Vilkova admitted that in their family not arrange lavish celebrations on holidays. Even five years of marriage they celebrated very modestly.

      Супруг Екатерины Вилковой не дарит ей подарки

      Popular actress Ekaterina Vilkova has already lived five years in marriage with Ilya Lyubimov. The actress is happy that her family reigns love and harmony. Despite all of life together, the husband and wife did not organize a Grand celebration and not bring each other any gifts. Vilkova notes that her husband has often spoils her with surprises. However, Catherine does not see this a serious problem and was not sensitive to a loved one.

      “Gifts is not the strongest side of Elijah. Well, not handed it to favourites even flowered, I thought, and will not: “How is it! How could he?” But Ilya helped me to organize everything: to buy food, to go to the country, I allowed myself a few drinks because he was driving. Why do the bouquets, if the husband me in every way supports? And then, the flowers – such a strange thing, water needs to be changed, they will pouchot will start to smell, have to throw them away… well, they have cons… Or I’m just so calm yourself”, – says the actress.

      Now Vilkova Lyubimov and raise two children – four-year-old Paul and two year old son Peter. Catherine was delighted, as her husband cope with the kids and admires his ability to get along with them. She notes that Ilya communicates with his son and daughter as adults. The actress can safely leave the kids with dad, but notes only one – sometimes Lyubimov may not follow their regime.

      Plus the experience we both already know: if Ilya will feed Paul and Pete soup, and pasta with a chop, then nothing bad will happen. They will go to bed later than usual? Also nothing happens, just get off the mode. Well, thought Ilya, that we no longer give my daughter a pacifier, but she wouldn’t fall asleep without it, but in the end fell asleep, and her nipple is no longer needed! So casually weaned,” says Vilkova.

      Catherine is happy that she lives with her husband in perfect harmony. For all the time relations with her husband she can only remember two fights. The actress appreciates the fact that Ilya supports her in everything.

      “I would not say that the secret is that we must love each other, and all you will have. For my part, I try to listen to Ilya. Not in the sense that he stands with a whip and hits me, or every time I want to buy a loaf of bread, asking for permission. We just do not live alone, a lot of advice, and not to something’s being allowed, but because we really need to know the opinion of each other” – confessed the actress in an interview with Antenna.

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