Муж Нюши отчитал фанатов Егора Крида Igor Sivov got involved in verbal sparring with the fans of the singer. Admirers of a young artist, with whom he had once met Jane, hinted that the singer is not true to her husband. Sivov clues answered with insult.

Singer Nyusha got married last summer. The name of the chosen star for a long time kept secret, but the actress herself revealed the card husband Nyusha became the General Advisor to the President of the International University sports Federation Igor Sivov.

He proposed to the girl in January last year, she reported it to Instagram. And in July there were photos from a gorgeous wedding ceremony in the Maldives. Nyusha keeps repeating how happy, and her husband gladly shares joint photos in social networks, publicly acknowledged wife of the famous in love and advertises her new songs and videos. As the saying goes, advice and love.

However, not everyone is ready to rejoice for the young couple. So, fans of Yegor creed, that the NYSE had an affair, caused a scandal in social networks. On the personal page of the husband of the singer in Instagram a fan of creed hinted that Nyusha is not true to her husband. “Watch for the wife, so as not laykala Yegorushka,” wrote a fan. Sivov unexpectedly replied to a hater, and quite rudely, wishing the anonymous to follow him, adding a few swear words to their arguments.

After an exchange of courtesies Igor Sivov removed part of the correspondence. Followers of Igor, among which there are a lot of fans Nyusha, was surprised such a violent reaction, asked him not to answer and strongly supported the husband of his favourite singer. Sivov is probably a little cold. And absolutely stunned Internet users, openly praising the ex-boyfriend of his wife. Referring to the fan who hurt his feelings and made mad, Igor said that these fans are a disgrace to good musician’s creed.

“Egor is a true artist and a great man, and you, like his “fans” are a disgrace to it. First get education and then telling me what to do and how to live. And it is better to write a book “I am a fan and my…”. You consider it and will maybe listen. I pay attention only because to your generation – smart, educated, stylish and self-confident, learn to respect your elders. Your intelligence of an ant first [need] to develop and only then to surprise the audience,” wrote Sivov.

I must say that between the fans of Yegor creed and Nyusha real battle happened in the comments. Neither Yegor nor Nyusha these attacks did not react. Moreover, as found by the fans who of course know more than anyone, the singer still puts hearts-to the likes of creed posts.