Данила Козловский обзавелся новым другом In Georgia, the actor picked up the puppy. The little dog just picked up on the road. Danila Kozlovsky and his girlfriend Olga Zueva decided to keep the dog yourself. Internet users were delighted from such an act of the famous artist.
Данила Козловский обзавелся новым другом

For the holidays, the actor Danila Kozlovsky along with his girlfriend, actress and model Olga Zueva went to Georgia. The young people went skiing in the mountains, spent time with friends. They, contrary to custom, shared with fans their experiences, publish photos in the Instagram. One of the shots taken at the airport a few days ago, captured the puppy – purebred. And yesterday Daniel told the story of this dog. It turned out that this Christmas gift that they… found. In the field, near the road, the actors noticed the dog and picked it up.

Daniel has long dreamed of a dog, he wanted to have a Labrador, so very he likes dogs of this breed. But, as written by the artist himself, it turned out otherwise.

“It was in Georgia. On the way to the mountains for a few hours before the New year, we with Olga Zueva stopped, seeing this miracle in the field. Decided to take to give in good hands. And then so loved that he kept for himself. This is an incredibly sensitive, loving, gentle and kind dog. The moral of the story is: there is no better animal than that which you save from dislike and nikounesbati. It’s better than fashionable, adorable Labrador,” wrote Danila Kozlovsky.

Internet users were delighted from the act of the actor and his girlfriend. In his comments, they thanked Daniel for what he gave shelter to a stray puppy. “It’s good that you took this dog, she’s lucky! Thank you for your kindness!””God bless you! Rescued baby!”, “Thank you for saving my soul. You are a great example for all of us!”.

Kozlovsky, which supports various charity events, in turn, reminded that everyone has the opportunity to take a homeless animal: “28 Jan, Center of contemporary art Vinzavod Center for homeless animals “young” is hosting an exhibition of domestic animals, who dream maybe about you. Give yourself love!”- wrote the artist.