Husband Larisa Guzeeva open up about their relationship

Муж Ларисы Гузеевой разоткровенничался об их отношениях Igor Bukharov explained how is family life. According to the spouse of the presenter, “let’s get married!”, much of what my wife says on the screen has no relation to reality.

      Муж Ларисы Гузеевой разоткровенничался об их отношениях

      Some time ago, the star of the program “let’s get married!” Larisa Guzeeva hinted that her family had the disorder. According to the woman, she seriously had an argument with her husband. However, luckily for fans of the presenter, they have everything in order. Spouse Guzeeva Igor Bukharov said that sometimes his beloved woman exaggerates a bit, talking about his personal life during the program.

      Larisa Guzeeva hinted at a breakup with a spouse

      “You know, it’s a technique. She says: “My mother schitaet that…” or “As my husband says…” But these are just words! We must clearly understand that they are the show, she is an actress, which performs its work”, – said the husband of Larisa.

      According to Bukharov, outside the set Larissa is not as glib and talkative. Igor admitted that home try not to disturb Guzeeva, as at home she wants “to be in a state of Nirvana.”

      Apparently, the couple can find a compromise in disputes. Despite the fact that Bukharov worked for many years in the restaurant business, home to the plate he almost didn’t fit.

      “Larissa, being a woman, thinks it’s not a male thing that is her patrimony. Says: “You are not the team. At home I’m the chief chef and restaurateur”, – said Igor.

      At the moment Guzeeva and Bukharov involved in the transmission of “Tilfellet”, dedicated to cooking. According to the wife of the TV star, once on the set, he realized how hard it is for my wife. “Larissa gives me tips. Shooting for me is a new experience, everything is interesting. And I feel comfortable enough. On television Larisa guru, so she’s in charge, I listen to it”, – said Igor.

      Recall that Guzeeva and Bukharov have been married for 20 years. Remembers the man they met earlier when they were both 17 years old, they met sometimes in restaurants. However, the feelings flared up much later. Igor admitted in an interview with “TV Program”, which is very often appreciated the cuisine of other institutions.

      “I ruined Larissa joy of trekking to restaurants, and she told me – everything about the movie. I used to watch movies and didn’t understand how this is done. The movie for me was good or not. Larisa everyone watching turns into a thorough analysis, not so worth, do not be so reacted, there is improper installation,” explained the man.