Husband Ksenia Borodina told why he ceased to be jealous

Муж Ксении Бородиной рассказал, почему перестал ревновать The husband of TV presenter shared the secrets of a happy marriage. According to Eid, despite the heavy and explosive tempers, he and his wife learned how to behave in conflict situations.

Husband Ksenia Borodina Kurban Omarov rarely gives interviews. A man prefers to share in his microblog, sometimes many followers to organize a discussion on a particular topic. The businessman often puts photos of the family and rarely talks on the personal page on the work.

For joint life Ksenia and Eid have been through a lot. Eventually they were able to listen more to each other and not to make quarrels over small things. Omarov said that now after the conflict they can an hour not to talk, but then begin to chat as if nothing had happened. Besides, now in the family there is trust.

“We used to have was a powerful mutual jealousy — then we still really didn’t know each other and are very much afraid to lose. Today, when we know that anywhere from each other will not hold your hand, jealousy becomes a comic format. For example, she will receive a message, I’ll take the phone and tell her: “Here you go, there you your wrote”. And we both laugh. “Jealousy is, but it is sensible, conscious, not sick, not surpassing mind,” said Eid.

Despite the fact that lobsters come from Dagestan, he built a model of behavior in the family that all disputes they decide together. Man does not seek to lead the family, but always expresses his point of view. Spouse Borodina saw his wife like to work on a post of the presenter “House-2”, so I never insisted that she became a housewife.

“In relation to Susie, this would have been a crime. My wife works from 16 years, she has achieved what most women (and even men) would not have been able to achieve.” Xenia is a true professional in the business. Here for example, I’m doing the interview and very nervous, and Susie is the norm. Every time we go out with filming some of the transfer, the editors say that my wife is incredibly easy and pleasant to work with. Program She recorded for an hour and a half, while others require three hours. So my point of view on this matter — in any case not to cut the wings of someone they grow and grow very beautiful”, – shared Eid with journalists

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