Муж устроил Бейонсе романтические каникулы на острове Комо
A couple is experiencing a new honeymoon.

Муж устроил Бейонсе романтические каникулы на острове Комо

Beyonce and Jay-Z


Fans of 36-year-old beyoncé can’t get enough of that,
how idyllic were the last time, the relationship with Beyonce and her husband Jay Z, who last year survived a family crisis. They are all the time
together, even their last album was a joint, and even a concert tour, dubbed
On The Run, they went together. However, they still manage in between the show
a romantic date.

The other day, after a concert in Milan, a pause before
the next concert in Rome they used to make
a trip to lake Como. Paparazzi managed to shoot two of them, in
the arms ride on the lake on the boat and
looked perfectly happy. Last week they used the free concerts from time to
to go together in Cannes. And last month, the paparazzi photographed them during
a romantic dinner in London, in one of the elite clubs.

This development is very pleasing the fans
singer, because the year before they were seriously concerned that the pair may
to leave. Then Beyonce in one of their songs had accused her husband of cheating on her with
some “Becky with beautiful hair.” And, as it turned out, these charges
was quite reasonable. At the end of last year, when Beyonce was again
mom, Jay Z
publicly admitted that he cheated on his wife and confessed to the crime. However, he
assured then that he and his wife reconciled, and dark times of their marriage
in the past.

Beyonce and Jay Z on vacation