Мужу Елены Бушиной прочат успех Валерия Меладзе или Стаса Михайлова The husband of reality star stormed show business. Dmitry Zheleznyak has presented to the audience their first single and forthcoming album. Fans took the song to cheer and assume that it will be a real hit.

      The husband of reality star Elena Buchenau Dmitry Zheleznyak decided to storm the Russian show-business. The man no longer hides your creativity and recorded their first single “Dreaming”. Now the husband of Businas forthcoming album. Elena is very proud of the talent of the spouse, and therefore decided to introduce his fans to his work. She has published an excerpt of a new composition in the microblog. Fans, upon hearing the chorus, were delighted and suggested that Mitya iron ore can compete with such masters of the stage, as Valery Meladze, Emin Agalarov and Stas Mikhailov. They were amazed by the vocal talent Buchenau spouse, which previously did not know.

      “How cool he sings, voice on Valery Meladze similar, this is creepy. Len, I remember you wrote: “it is Good that the film in the show-meringue”. You would be hard’, ‘ Congratulations, it’s very important to have self-realization!”, “Good girl! Favorite voice, the voice mesmerizing. In short women are like that, success is very real. S. Mikhailov-2”, “S. Mikhailov Future, I think, secured. But seriously, the voice of a male, for the Russian audience is very crucial, if you create the appropriate surroundings, continue to write beautiful words. Success is guaranteed,” wrote a follower.

      Fans even suggested that the film might follow the route of Olga Buzova. Recently we presenter woke her talent, and her songs find an unprecedented response in the hearts of the listeners. Fans assume that the song Mitya could easily be a real hit.

      Colleagues Elena Buchenau for telestroke also left in awe of the vocal ability of her husband. Inna Volovicheva was touched deeply by the talent of the man when I first heard his composition.

      “This is Mitya Zheleznyak, the husband of my friend Elena Buchenau. Premiere of his song “Dreaming” was held in ITunes! Congrats to Mitya, as he’s already in second place! It’s super easy! Download, hold high-quality music. Great song, I recommend everyone to listen. Our rising star! Waiting for your album!” – left a laudatory review of the former participant “Houses-2”.

      Now fans eagerly await the release of the video for the song that sunk into the soul to thousands of listeners, and the iron ore together with Buchenau rejoice in the success.