The star of “Gravity” Rinal Mukhametov justified for rudeness

Звезда «Притяжения» Риналь Мухаметов оправдался за хамство The actor told about their shortcomings. Rinal, who played in the new blockbuster Fyodor Bondarchuk confessed that enjoys its attractive appearance. She a artist too arrogant and selfish. However, Mukhametov prefers not to argue with them.

      27-year-old Rinal Mukhametov played a role in the new film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Attraction”, which tells about the conflict between aliens and inhabitants of the capital. Young and talented actor with a bright appearance tipped the laurels of the idol girls ‘ hearts. Perhaps it will happen because blockbuster famous Director prepares to break records at the box office: the film was recently purchased for display abroad, and critics and celebrities leave her a lot of positive feedback.

      Recently Rinal Mukhametov gave an interview to journalists, which frankly told about their own shortcomings. In recognition of the actor, he sometimes uses his attractive appearance. However, not in order to ingratiate himself with pretty women.

      “In fact, I often hear: if I didn’t know better, I’d think that you’re arrogant, selfish and very arrogant. In strangers I do often behave in isolation, and sometimes even blatantly. I know what they think: “He is a typical hunk, I guess, now tell me this.” And I enter into this game. The actors also something psychologists and spend time trying to please everybody, I don’t want,” said Rinal.

      Mukhametov also said that samples of the movie “Viking” was very difficult. For roles in the film Bondarchuk fought not only Russian but also foreign actors. Some of them came from Europe.

      Interestingly, Mukhametov suffers from stuttering, but this defect does not prevent him to act in films and play in the theater “Gogol-center” in Moscow. To combat their lack Rinal spent a lot of years. In recognition of the young man when he works, fully in control of himself. “I don’t even your voice saying at this point,” jokes the actor.

      In an interview with reporters Mukhametov also shared that fond of the plastic strip. Once Rinal earn a living that worked as a dancer, go-go. On the past actor says without any shame. Peopletalk he admitted that his hobby even helped to win over Kirill Serebrennikov. Artistic Director of “Gogol-center” was amazed at the abilities of a novice actor.