Как съездить в отпуск с мужем и не развестись Psychologist Natalia Tolstaya gave some advice: what to do if you want not only to return the relationship to its former passion, but to protect yourself from the classic mistakes couples. The majority of lovers, going on a trip, turn it into a real torture for each other.
Как съездить в отпуск с мужем и не развестись

Joint vacation is a litmus test of relations. Before marrying, people must have rest. In real life we never spend together as much time as on vacation. Even being married for many years, we dedicate ourselves to work and meet with the second half only in the evening at dinner or in front of the TV. And then as many as 7 or even 10 days together! A good check…

Batch claims

In everyday hectic women tend to gloss over problems and save claims to her husband. “Why swear? After an hour still to sleep and work tomorrow and the whole day its not going to see…” – so we think. A vacation is the first thing we take in hand a glass of wine, and once a bit relaxed, our unconscious will automatically begin to get out what we put in there carefully.

So I recommend not to carry on vacation Luggage unspoken problems, and a month before the holiday start sharing with her husband his claims. Not nailed in the bathroom shelf was not the cause of the quarrel on the ocean, assign a spouse to eliminate this defect.

Before you get on a plane, discuss financial issues that upon returning home you had to live: set aside some money in order to leave desolate pockets don’t become the cause of quarrels.


Как съездить в отпуск с мужем и не развестись
Как съездить в отпуск с мужем и не развестисьIt is impossible that one is fully engaged in the organization of leisure, and the second spit at the ceiling. Responsibilities need to be divided. Otherwise, the spouse who buys the tickets, reserve the hotel, collecting Luggage, at some point explode and the couple’s quarrel before the trip to the sea.

Discuss what you will do on vacation. The problem of our people is that they often go to see the sights, not because they want to, but because it is necessary. What a pity these poor men, trampling and heavy sighing from tour buses with disgruntled individuals, because ladies dragged them to the shops to buy trinkets…


Как съездить в отпуск с мужем и не развестись

If anyone of you is not feeling well due to the fact that he’s facing something you ate, the second it is necessary to provide him with medication and going to the beach, not sit, as if tied all day in the room, arranging his infirmary.

Such sacrifices are useless, they always lead to scandals and claims. Photographs do not bend, too: a couple of times removed husband amid the palm trees and enough, no need to make a favorite grimace. To force it to click, for an hour posing with the sun in the palm of your hand, is not worth it – the stronger sex can’t bear.

Want shopping? Go without a husband, let he sent to the boat to catch fish. Person has the right to do what he wants. And it is unlikely he wants to stand in line for the magnets and napkins.

Get enough SLEEP

In the first days of vacation conflicts very often occur due to the fact that the body can’t get over jetlag and people don’t get enough sleep. This is a very negative impact on the mood. Take a sleeping pill to to first time to help my body to relax: sleep not only at night but also don’t neglect mid-afternoon Kip.


Как съездить в отпуск с мужем и не развестись
Как съездить в отпуск с мужем и не развестисьOften I come to men complain about their wives, saying, went on vacation, and she’s dissecting, as Chun, in shorts and Panama, sack on head to wind and go ahead. And it’s full of beautiful women, causing a reversal of the male head in the direction of the next table. Begins: “Oh, so-and-so looked at her!” And you yourself in the mirror? And on the beach, without a layer of makeup to be beautiful: to braid her hair, put on lip gloss… So even if you go to Goa, where in a restaurant barefoot, you still take the heels. And let them laugh over the Russian women that they, unlike European women, dinner, walk during the parade. It is beautiful!


Как съездить в отпуск с мужем и не развестись

If you are not from the Rockefellers, it is not necessary to pose as millionaires and go on vacation to dine in expensive restaurants, and leave after a month to live from hand to mouth. Times are tough, and I know a lot of the happiest couples who are on vacation buy a sausage or fish in the supermarket, fresh bread, fruit at the market and eat well without spending a lot of money. Finances on vacation, by the way, worth to keep in different places – just in case Rob.


If a spouse suffers from erectile dysfunction, be a stimulant for potency, because the holiday is a perfect time to refresh the senses. The wind from the sea and the sun are the best friends sex. Do not blunder: do not before the holiday to do a cosmetic procedure, thinking that just to the puncture wounds heal. You want to be beautiful, not only for colleagues but also for the favourite, so clean the feathers in advance, in order for the rest to be the best.