The star of the show “Daddy’s girls” showed boyfriend

Звезда сериала «Папины дочки» показала бойфренда The role of the Buttons in the famous sitcom told that her heart is occupied. 15-year-old Katya Starshova shared on Instagram a photograph with him.

The star of the series “father’s daughter” Katya Starshova actively engaged in their own “Instagram”, regularly sharing with subscribers the most interesting moments from his life. This time she decided to acquaint fans with her boyfriend.

“When he wanted to capture how I look at my boyfriend”, signed scene the actress, leaving no doubt about the status of her relationship with a young man.

Fans immediately bombarded Starshova compliments, noting that she and boyfriend look great together. “Very handsome couple,” “You are lovely”, “Happiness to You, Katya,” – commented the subscribers Starkovoy her post in Instagram.

Particularly attentive fans found out the young man depicted next to Kate. It appeared to be her partner in dancing on ice, with whom the actress regularly speaks at events. The girl before he posted pictures with the boys, clearly their signing, but only now admitted that a colleague is her lover.

“That same feeling when they are happy to be together. Love”, signed another frame with a boyfriend Catherine.

Starshova and her boyfriend have been Dating for a few months. They are often on tour in the composition of the ice troupe, perform at competitions, so a lot of time together.

By the way, the star of the show “Daddy’s girls” this year, graduated from high school. She received a diploma, but instead to talk about their success, told about the relationship with the mother. “I must, first and foremost proud of the fact that I was standing there with her mom and I wasn’t ashamed in front of her. Yes, it is. My mother is such, which you can only dream of. When we watch American movies, where, between children and parents very friendly relations, this picture coincides with our own and not have to search for those ten differences”, says Starshova.

Recall, Catherine became a star after in 2007, played the role of Buttons in the TV series “Daddy’s girls”. The girl literally grew up among the audience in the eyes, acting in the sitcom until 2012. The last feature film with the participation of Starkovoy was released in 2009. Now the actress pays maximum attention to career and study. Fans girls don’t get tired to mention that she looks beautiful. According to them, a movie star prettier every year and impresses them with his charm.