Как найти время на уход за собой? Полезные лайфхаки

Как найти время на уход за собой? Полезные лайфхаки

The implementation of the daily care is no less important than the correct balanced diet, proper sleep and maintaining an active lifestyle. In order to prolong their youth and delay the onset of age-related changes. And, of course, attractive appearance – a pledge of excellent mood!

To take care of themselves should be regularly and comprehensively, because attention requires the face and body, hair, nails, etc. Due to the incredible dynamism of the modern way of life, begs a logical question: where to find time for all this if at the end of the day exhausted and dream about the rest, and in the morning want a little more sleep?

Include self-care into your day

The proper and most convenient option is to consider a phased procedure that takes no more than an hour a day and make it your new healthy habit.

In the morning, as well as the care of teeth and oral cavity, and Breakfast, need a face wash followed by applying it for a moisturizer. At the beginning you have to force yourself, but after a week of such care, will be obvious changes in appearance, and it becomes a stable habit. Wash your face and apply the cream and in the evening, it is possible to “date” for the evening tooth brushing.

It is well known that going to the supermarket is a much faster and more efficiently, if the advance to “arm” the prepared list of necessary products. The same is the case with care. Required pre-planned plan!

For example, Monday and Thursday having the time for hair care products, on Tuesday – taking care of hands and feet, on Wednesday and Saturday masks, peels and other procedures for the face, Sunday – pamper the body.

The most important point to understand: a Deposit neprevzoidennogo any of the procedures in their regularity and consistency. No one, even the most innovative salon service is not able to compete with the daily care!

Как найти время на уход за собой? Полезные лайфхаки


In the morning you need to do three easy steps: cleanse the skin, moisturize and protect it before going out.


  • Wash our face with warm water using any comfortable for your type of dermis means.
  • Wipe clean the skin tonic to remove residual water and cosmetics, apply the appropriate time of year a moisturizing cream (in summer – light in winter is denser).
  • Top applied another cream with SPF. This is necessary irrespective of seasons.
  • Evening face care also involves three stages: cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
    • Using make-up remover remove remnants of makeup. The face wash from this morning.
    • Wipe the skin tonic.
    • Apply the normal or nighttime moisturizer.
    • In addition to the above standard daily treatments a few times a week should be done peeling and a variety of masks. Fit, ready and prepared by yourself from natural ingredients.We must not forget that the condition and appearance of the skin to a large extent depends on internal factors that affect: a more balanced diet, drinking regime, healthy way of life in General.


Body care

To maintain the skin in perfect condition also do not require a lot of effort. Enough of a standard set of procedures aimed at cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition. A couple of times a week the skin should get rid of the dead cells with a scrub. The best time for skin treatments before or after taking a shower or a bath.


To maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin is very useful from time to time to take a contrast shower. But here care should be taken not to rush into extremes: very hot water, as ice, break the lipid layer of the skin.

After water procedures it is time to apply a moisturising cream or lotion, this does not necessarily wipe the skin, the effect will be even better!


At least once a week you need to use a scrub. In addition, it eliminates dead skin cells, any damage after that the creams will be absorbed much better, and exerted their effect will be more long lasting.


From time to time, the peeling can be replaced by a body massage using a dry brush. At first it will feel slightly painful, but with time it will pass. Massage dry body brush is to a large extent contributes to the maintenance of the dermis to smooth and aligned condition.


Regular physical activity is another factor that most directly affect the condition and appearance of the body. Even slow walks and light exercise, performed daily, will bring your own, and not a small contribution to the maintenance of good physical shape.

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