Хэлли Берри в свои 53 года обливается водой!


Хэлли Берри в свои 53 года обливается водой!Halle berry looks amazing in her new pictures to my Instagram, where she has thrown a serious challenge to his followers that they became tempered as she is every day.

4 Oct Halle berry, which in August was 53 years old, wrote on his page on the Instagram post, which tells us that actor John Wick daily douses himself with water at the fitness reason. In his weekly post #fitnesmania the Hallie encourages its followers to always remain gidratirovannykh, giving out a lot of useful information.

Хэлли Берри в свои 53 года обливается водой!“We are 60% water, and the completion of this goal can have a tremendous impact on the body — weight loss, increased energy levels, improvement of cardiovascular system and younger looking skin,” the beginning of the post Hallie. “So
today I urge all of us to drink at least 16 glasses of water a day. I would like to monitor the progress of each, so let me know how this is happening in the comments to this post!”

Хэлли Берри в свои 53 года обливается водой!Fans immediately took up the challenge. “I’ll do it, Hallie,” — enthusiastically written by one of our followers. “I’m with you,” commented the other, before adding: “I train 5 days a week, and I always have a gallon of water with me in the gym.” The actress is already a
time publishes a “Fitness Friday” and always adds his inspirational photography. Fitness is something that really pleases Hallie and she definitely has good results. In memory of the fact that she was 53 years old, Hallie posted a selfie in a wet t-shirt, which
just “killed” fans of the actress on the spot.

Hard to believe that the actress is a mother of two children. She gave birth to her daughter Nala Ariela Aubrey in 2008, and in 2013 son, Maceo Robert Martinez. Fans of the actress sometimes think that Halle berry is aging backwards. Strong influence on it render it a healthy habit. “She
starts your day with a big glass of water, usually with a small amount of lemon squeezed into it for flavor,” says coach Hallie Peter Lee Thomas. He also described the intensive training that lasts from a half to two hours, and also shared her
an exemplary diet.
In addition to intense workouts, Hallie is working on the creation of films. One of the following projects Take, the film will “Bruise” in which the actress will play a MMA fighter who lost the ability to fight. Fans will definitely be more photos of “Fitness
Friday” that they look forward to, because it is very intensively preparing for his next role!

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