How Alexa got to Star Factory Twenty years ago, the Star Factory project was launched on television.

How Alexa got to Star Factory The first five seasons were led by Lina Arifulina. She came up with numbers and concepts for issues. Then, thanks to the show, a lot of talented guys appeared on the screen, but there were also those who got there for other merits. For example, the “factory” was the daughter of wealthy parents – Alex.

How Alexa got to Star Factory

“They brought their own, yes. Alexa is an obvious moment. They just brought her, it was like a fact: there will be Alexa – all such a nymph,” Lina said in an interview with Yana Churikova.

How Alexa got to Star Factory

Nevertheless, Alexa was very popular with teenage girls, albeit for a short time. But the girl did not develop her solo career. She took up jewelry design, blogging, and now she is promoting her husband's courses and raising her daughter.

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