House Angelina Jolie was raided by FBI agents

В дом Анджелины Джоли нагрянули агенты ФБР
Eldest son no longer wants to see brad pitt.

Brad pitt and Maddox


Although it was recently reported that the FBI for lack
crime ceased collecting facts in the case of “physical abuse” allegedly applied to pitt with adopted son Maddox, recently the agents of the Bureau
visited the house where at present, Angelina Jolie is living with children. This was reported by the website TMZ.

Two representatives of the FBI arrived at the mansion of the actress below
to take a full statement from Jolie and her children regarding the incident on the plane where all the family was returning from France to the United States. Required step by step to describe everything that happened
that day. The whole process took about two hours.

According to preliminary reports, 41-year-old Jolie, and 52-year-old pitt will oblige
to attend special courses on adjustment parenting skills. Children started to attend therapy in order to facilitate
psychological trauma resulting from the conflict of the parents. In addition, brad some time will have to pass tests to detect
the presence in his body of drugs and alcohol. As reported, the first tests –
shortly after happened on Board of the scandal – he surrendered voluntarily, and
they allegedly gave a negative result.

More news from the life star of the family said
the online edition recently hosted the second meeting of pitt with children. As in
the first time the meeting was held in the presence of a psychologist. This time brad
was allowed to see not only with the older daughters, and with all six children. However
Maddox to meet with the adoptive father refused to go. Apparently
15-year-old still can’t forgive father. To
also, according to the conflict of his parents, he from the beginning took the side of the mother: when pitt and Jolie began
to quarrel in an airplane, he rushed to the defense of Angelina…