Надежда Михалкова объявила о своем новом статусе
The actress sat in the Director’s chair.

Nadezhda Mikhalkova decided to follow in the footsteps of
his father, Nikita Mikhalkov, and tried himself in the role of Director.
The debut of 31-year-old Mikhalkov was a picture of “Lost place” according to the scenario brothers

The story of the youth horror based on the urban legend. Among
high school rumour
one of the places in the cinema is cursed, and everyone who takes it will die soon. When in the city
is a series of macabre murders, high school students begin the investigation. 44-year-old Anna
Mikhalkov has played a role in the movie younger sister.

We will remind, Nadezhda Mikhalkova “practiced” as
the Director, filming the pilot of the series “Churros”. It was also made in
collaboration with the brothers Presnyakovym. The main role in it played the brothers and
the sons of Anna Mikhalkova. The pilot of the series was shown at the festival
“Movement” in Omsk.

But most likely, it will remain in the archives of the family Mikhalkov, in
the contrast of the picture “Lost place”, where people can see
wide audience. Horror
released in October 25.

Hope Mikhalkov on the set

Photo: Press service