Егор Крид решился на смелые перемены
Musician experimenting with looks.

Egor Krid

Photo: Instagram

Egor Krid knows how to surprise — perhaps the producers of the show “the Bachelor”
would make big bets on it, if it were not so. A musician with
pleasure puts experiments on their appearance: the body is decorated with new
tattoos, change clothing style. Today creed went even further. He published
in the microblog photo, which depicted with hair, painted ash-white
color instead of the usual brown.

“White color is so simple, but it can only get
combining all colors together”, — wrote under a photo Egor.

If you look at the first clips of the rapper, we can see classic short
mens haircut with her and launched the career of Egor. But the style of the musician has changed
from year to year, and soon the singer replaced the usual all her hair for a new one. New
haircut Yegor — “British”.

There is a hair in Britain, where he gained immense popularity and
made a real revolution. The modern world shows say that
this haircut is common throughout the world. “British” is
the connection of the rebellious spirit and sophistication. Usually prefer this haircut convinced
in itself, young, active, promising and energetic young people, and how
is Egor creed.