Главный телевизионный скандал сезона: Андрей Малахов принял решение
The presenter made a surprise announcement.

Andrey Malakhov

Andrey Malakhov, whose departure from the First channel became a sensation in the TV circles, reported that took a certain decision. This statement of the famous leading
did the public Super. Also showman
reminded that is at rest, and in the moment having fun on the yacht
together with your friends. What decision he took, Malakhov did not specify, however,
the rumor is, he and the whole team “Let them talk” has filed a letter of resignation from 7
Aug. On the sidelines sure, Andrew along with his subordinates go to the channel
VGTRK in the program “live”. There is also a version that Malakhov said goodbye to
The first pregnancy of his wife Natalia Shkuleva and the need to take an extended leave to care for a child.

On the eve it became known that the broadcaster is preparing to become the first
father. Reported
that Malakhov will do in the near future a small break in career. He
will the first few months to sit with the child at home and this goes on maternity
vacation. Information on what Andrei and Natalia are expecting the birth of a baby,
an insider, the couple is not yet advertise the forthcoming replenishment in
family. The photographs, which are published in social networks, Natalia cleverly disguises its
“interesting position” with loose clothing.

As for who will take the place of the star in “Let them talk”, the candidate
receiver Malakhov declassified Stas Sadalsky. According to the actor, it will be
Dmitry Borisov.