История повторяется: Валерий Николаев вновь устроил ДТП
The actor has left on an oncoming lane.

Valery Nikolaev


In late February, a scandal broke out: Valeriy Nikolaev not only knocked down a pedestrian, and fled the scene of the accident. To detain the offender was only the next day, however, he managed to RAM the car. Apparently, such a sad experience learned nothing from Nikolaev and he again began the old.

Valery has left on an oncoming lane on the Third ring road. Of course, the traffic police could not notice such a maneuver. When the inspector stopped the car of Nikolaev, the first preferred a quiet chat on the phone, and only then to engage in a dialogue with the representative of the traffic police.

Recall that Valery Nikolaev recently released from prison, where he spent 10 days for disobedience to guards.

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