The producer of “50 shades” filmed the book by Russian writer

Продюсер «50 оттенков» экранизирует книгу российского писателя

However, this time the story will be not about love, but about post-apocalyptic society.

Almost ten years of waiting for the fiction writer Dmitry Glukhovsky, in order for the adaptation of his novel came from Hollywood filmmakers… Michael de Luca, famous as the producer of “50 shades of grey”, became interested in the story of postanalytical society.

“Ten years I waited, when it will happen – the words fantastic Variety. — I used to be extremely wary of the fact that Hollywood filmmakers can create from my “Chad”, but now I see that the book landed in good hands. De Luca and L’hérault have a very correct vision of the project, and I’m honored to work with them.”

Who will take the Director’s chair while remains in question, as, indeed, the timing of the start of filming. Although Glukhovsky has already spoken that would like to see at the helm of paintings by David Fincher.

We will remind, the first novel of fiction from the “Metro” published in 2005 and in a short time grew to a huge series.

In the center of the plot – the society, located in the Moscow metro after a nuclear war. In 2010, based on the book of the same name left the game.

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