Historical fact: Larisa Guzeeva first introduced the fashion for selfies

Исторический факт: Лариса Гузеева первой ввела моду на селфи
The actress shared a unique historical photographs.

Исторический факт: Лариса Гузеева первой ввела моду на селфи

Tamara Akulova, Iya Ninidze and Larisa Guzeeva on one of MIFF

Photo: @lara_guzya (Instagram Larisa Guzeeva)

Tomorrow is the next Moscow international
film festival. Once for the Bohemia this forum was the main secular
event of the year, tried even to get those stars, who tend to avoid
parties. Larisa Guzeeva today shared a unique photo. Captured
three friends, three divas of the Soviet cinema, who have visited MIFF a couple of decades ago: Tamara
Akulova, Iya Ninidze and she is host of “let’s get married”.

It is worth noting that this picture was taken as self: when portraits are shot close up at a distance stretched hands, in the household practically situation. So
it Guzeeva with her friends can safely be considered the founders of the fashion
photogene among domestic celebrities.

Исторический факт: Лариса Гузеева первой ввела моду на селфи

Alika Smekhova and Larisa Guzeeva at the festival “Kinotavr” (next to the Actresses — Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov, worked in those days in Sochi model)

Photo: @lara_guzya (Instagram Larisa Guzeeva)

In previous years Guzeeva has been a frequent visitor and at “Kinotavr”
in Sochi. Festival of Mark Rudinstein collected on the coast of stars
of the first magnitude. Photos of the period are preserved in the archive at the Aliki Humor, she’s good friends with Larisa. On one of the images of the actress hit the frame with Andrei Grigoriev, Apollonova — the soloist of group “Ivanushki Int” , which at that time was still working in Sochi model.

The star of “Kinotavr”: Stanislav Govorukhin, Larisa Guzeeva and Alika Smekhova

Photo: @lara_guzya (Instagram Larisa Guzeeva)

Amazing what a different on archival photos appears
Larisa Guzeeva. The actress often changed hairstyles, makeup, clothing style, jewelry,
but unchanged on all pictures remains the signature smile of a star.

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