Star of TV series “Stairway to heaven” had an affair with singer Katy Perry

Звезда сериала «Лестница в небеса» закрутил роман с певицей Алиной Гросу
Actor Mikael Aramyan meets with the star of the production center of Grigory Leps.

Звезда сериала «Лестница в небеса» закрутил роман с певицей Алиной Гросу

Alina Grosu and Michael Aramyan

24-year-old actor Mikael Aramyan, known for
the main role in the TV series “Stairway to heaven”, and 21-year-old singer Alina Grosu, all
increasingly began to notice together. Apparently, the novel of two young stars, who
started a little over a month ago, is developing rapidly. The other day
Alina and Michael, whom she, by the way, touching Myka calls, visited
qualifying round of the competition, organized by producer center of Grigory Leps —
“Highest quality”.

At the bar, where the party took place, the loving couple has made no secret
their relationship, like a few weeks ago. During the presentation of the new video
Alina Grosu “the Dog”, where Mikael Aramyan played the main character, they are not
tried to pretend that between them just a creative Union: the rules
often play Russian celebrities. Actor and singer all night holding
hands and not miss a single slow dance — then Alina and Michael
tacitly acknowledged as the most beautiful couple of the evening. But from the looks of Grosu and Aramyan,
the impression was that they are not important public enthusiasm, and each
other. Perhaps that is why after the competition, the lovers hastened to escape from
prying eyes and went to one of the capital’s karaoke clubs, where he spent
all night.

Alina Grosu and Michael Aramyan

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