Максимум страсти: 5 звездных пар, которые не прочь обнажиться на публике “StarHit” remembered lovers who are not afraid to publicly display their erotic photos and videos. Men and women are willing to share a very candid shots, trying to impress the fans and to demonstrate idyll.

      Максимум страсти: 5 звездных пар, которые не прочь обнажиться на публике

      For someone the expression of feelings to a loved one – it’s strictly intimate, this does not want anyone to tell and even more to show. And someone does not see anything wrong in kissing in public, and even how to lay out a joint erotic photos in the net. If we talk about the stars, whose earnings depend on their popularity, racy photos and videos is in the first place attract additional attention. The method, incidentally, is very effective – in social networks such images and video are breaking records in the number of likes. “StarHit” gathered five popular Russian couples who don’t see anything wrong with public displays of affection.

      Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev

      Happiness, as noted by one of the followers of Victoria in the comments to this photo, love peace, but sometimes its so much, think of a celebrity that they urgently need to share with all. Spicy picture of his pretty zatselovali beloved Victoria was published in December last year – photo caused a strong reaction of subscribers who highly appreciated the creative approach of the photographer. “Oh, Vic! Still the same thing”, “Best”, “Very cool! A man in business,” “He still knows how to cook” “Well you give” – here are some of the comments.

      Anton Gusev and Victoria romanet completely undressed for likes

      Victoria is shortly before this, I had to justify and fight charges that she destroyed the family of Anton and Evgenia Guseva Feofilaktova, one of the most popular pairs of “House-2”. In an interview, she insisted that is not the cause of their divorce, they say, Gusev and Feofilaktova already at that time a few months did not live together.

      Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan

      Максимум страсти: 5 звездных пар, которые не прочь обнажиться на публике

      One of the most beautiful beaches in the domestic variety Olympus have been together for 13 years. And the passion between the singer and a stripper all the rage! During an exclusive photo shoot for “StarHit” Natasha and Tarzan showed how working together to fitness, and is readily demonstrated that the feelings between them is still raging.

      “We’re older people together – from experience, Luggage. And since it is not full of idiots, and have learned from past relationships. Of course, sometimes, something angry. When we lived together, Natalia sounded in my side rebuke: “You do around the house not doing much, all weights are busy!” I calmly explained to her: “Natasha, whether you like it or not, but it’s part of my image of the profession. As you need to maintain voice to study singing, and I have to work to be in shape”. And she took it” – shared Glushko details of the relationship I wife.

      In the video from backstage, you can see a passionate exchange of kisses and NIPs as inflated husband wife for the spicy part of the body, teases a sandwich and playfully exposed in the shower – and all this despite the shot, looks very natural.


      Максимум страсти: 5 звездных пар, которые не прочь обнажиться на публике

      Married couple graduates “Factories of stars-7” during a recent holiday in Bali was very good – just look at their erotic photo shoot, which appeared in the microblog singer. Vacation in the tropics during the cold season, a hot embrace, however, pictures the couple was both passionate and very chaste – romance, in one word.

      Subscribers of Dakota on Instagram reacted to the published photos of the rapidly – tens of thousands of likes and positive, some have even expressed a willingness “to look at these pictures forever.” Vlad and Margarita Gerasimovich, better known as Dakota, were married in June of 2015, and did so not only in the registry office, but still held a wedding ceremony.

      Nelly Ermolaeva and Kirill Andreev

      Максимум страсти: 5 звездных пар, которые не прочь обнажиться на публике

      Family life of a leading music channel RU.TV routine is not threatened – Nelly regularly indulges its subscribers in Instagram photos in which she and her husband passionately kissing and hugging in the bath, in sea water during vacation on the Indonesian Islands of Gili, and even right on the kitchen table.

      Nelly Ermolaeva: “I Hope to give birth to twins!”

      Not averse couple and fool around autumn of last year, Nelly posted a funny video in which her and her husband in pajamas relaxing in bed Friday evening, singing the song with the words “we buzz!” cartoon voices. Subscribers the video was very awkward.

      Cornelia Mango and Bogdan Dyurd

      When else do racy photos, not during the honeymoon? Especially if he is in the Maldives, and you live in his Villa.

      “I certainly thought that his own Villa is gorgeous, but really! Here is the perfect place for honeymooners, we have our own pool and the bathroom in the yard of the Villa, we have a great evening by candlelight and I don’t want this time is over!” – Cornelia admitted in a conversation with “StarHit”.

      And, of course, not without a joint photo taking baths with champagne and passionate kisses that users reacted very positively: “I Admire your pair”, “Very cool photo! What are you happy”, “Handsome”, “so cool”.