Nastasya Samburski had a fight with Maxim Fadeev

Настасья Самбурская поругалась с Максимом Фадеевым The actress could not hold back emotions and expressed the opinion in connection with the latest events in her career. She accused well-known producer that is trying to get back at her. According to Samburski, Fadeev there is a reason for hatred, only the girl did not understand why the man takes out anger that way.

      Words Nastasya Samburski addressed Fadeeva in the comments under one of the last shots of a celebrity, can lead to another scandal. Fans of the actress have learned that it is his words do not climb, and write about everything as it sees fit. And now the star has admitted that her candidacy was planning to nominate in the nomination “Breakthrough of the year”, however, Fadeyev said that to vote for Samburski he definitely will not. It seems that Olga Buzova more than any other deserved the prestigious award.

      A “grown up” Nastasya Samburski followed in the footsteps of Justin Bieber

      After learning about the intentions of the producer, the artist wrote that outraged by the behavior Maxim. According to Samburski, the man decided to do so because at the time she refused to star in the music video of SEREBRO’s condition. Apparently, according to Nastasia, this was the reason given by the Fadeev. The actress immediately justified, explaining that refused to cooperate with the music team because of strenuous exercise, which at that time was her condition.

      “Come on, Maxim Fadeev, Olga crack up, just because I refused the clip from Seryabkina to withdraw for health reasons. There is need of heavy workouts, a day, and I was still banned from exercise, and I explained it. Petty revenge on your part, max,” wrote the star on Twitter.

      Interestingly, most Samburski outraged that Fadeev has compared her work with the songs of Olga Buzova. The girl said that it is at least wrong, because they both work for completely different audiences. Nastassja frankly said that he can’t sing, but, according to her, unlike the leading telestroke, she does it live and gets the most pleasure.

      “Buzova a better singer, Samburski sings better! Buzova in the Eurovision song contest, Samburski! Yes we both singing sucks, though I live, because the only way you get the pleasure of being on stage is so messy through time”, – said the artist. Samburski sure that the behavior Fadeeva, who never spoke to the Buzova, and now decided to celebrate her achievements, not that other, as desire to spoil the reputation of Nastasia.

      At the same time, the actress told that it is ready with ease to say goodbye to the prize and award it to Olga Buzova. She says that she doesn’t need any titles, because their appearance in the Russian show-business girl only causes others discomfort. However, the artist is not going to be silent and convinces the public he is right.

      “I will gladly withdraw my candidacy in favor of Olga Buzova. I owe you nothing, as you told me. Let’s just work. Can anyone not be friends, most Importantly with anybody not to quarrel,” – these words made the message Nastasia.

      Maxim Fadeev did not remain silent, and decided to clarify what is happening. He, apparently, seemed outrageous words of the actress, so he could not help prokomentirovat the situation in his microblog. The main reason Samburski, according to him, started talking about it and Buzova – the desire to assert themselves at the expense of his name.

      “I am sympathetic to the desire Nastasya Samburski, promoting oneself next to my name. She mentioned that I was her revenge. So, revenge can only be equal and in the same position. Certainly not her” – said Fadeev in the social network.

      Note that a few months ago, Nastassja presented a new song “Bad boys” and posted a clip of the same song. Some days it was viewed by several hundred thousand people. Soon after, the star appeared in a provocative video “B***and”, which caused ambiguous reaction of the public. Now she is preparing a surprise for their followers. Soon she will present a new song. Nastasya Samburski is preparing a new hit for his fans