Хеллен Миррен призналась, когда жалела об отсутствии детей

Hollywood actress Helen Mirren is one of those women, whom God made happy by children. You can feel sorry for her, but it turns out that it was her conscious choice. On why she never became a mother, the actress said in a recent interview with the Sunday Times Culture Magazine.

“I love children, I think its funny and cute, but I never wanted, and never regretted his decision. That’s a lie. When I watched the movie “Parents” with Steve Martin, I’m twenty minutes crying. I was so upset with this whole story about how to be a parent, grandmother, grandfather. Then I realized that never felt like this before.. I was upset because of missed opportunities. But then I dismissed it, and things will get better,” said Mirren.

Previously Helen was already told that the absence of her children – her choice.

“I’m just not interested. I have no maternal instinct, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I think there are many women who do not want to be mothers, but under the pressure of society having children, because we have to. They think that with them something not so, if they don’t want to have children,” said the actress.

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