Cristiano Ronaldo danced twerk on the football field

Behind Adele, who recently on the London stage, was trying to fulfill twerk, the same has dared footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. It seems that the athlete does not give rest to the glory of Miley Cyrus and J. Lo, because he decided to do what they do quite well.

Video of Ronaldo dancing twerk, was shot secretly, but later still fell into the hands of a football player, and he shared it with all of your subscribers in the Network.

By the way, Cristiano is not only dancing twerk, but also offers his colleagues to follow his example. However, no one except Ronaldo to repeat this is not solved.

Dancing dancing, but sometimes Ronaldo and busy with more important matters. Thus, recently it became known that a single dad may soon again to confirm this status.

Cristiano hinted that his family may receive a second child. Did this player right on the field during the match Real Madrid and Celta Vigo

Ronaldo, fooling around, hid the ball under the shirt, feigning pregnancy. Fans of the athlete are confident that Cristiano will give to the son a brother or sister. Moreover, in December, the media has already excited fans of cute football player news about what he’s looking for a surrogate mother. And in a recent interview to one of editions Ronaldo said he was willing to bring up “five or six kids”, but the main thing for this –”find the right girl”.

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