Хелен Миррен встала на защиту пышных форм Кардашьян

Kim always gives his fans the reasons for the discussion of the figures: that naked photo spread, the transparent outfit wear.

And if subscribers are almost always criticize the star and her candid shots, of stellar colleagues defend Kardashian.

For example, when Kim was published in the microblog photo of myself in the Nude, covering his privates with black stripes in photoshop, and have received hundreds of negative reviews in the microblog, it began to actively support Sharon Osbourne, Emily Ratajkowski, Kylie Jenner, and Courtney Stodden! Stars have posted exactly the same candid shots with the words “Kim Kardashian, you inspire me”.

This time to protect Kim stood up known 70-year-old actress Helen Mirren. The actress said that is not a fan of the star of the Kardashian family, but she definitely impressed.

“It’s wonderful that today are allowed to have ass! Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have done a lot to ensure that public opinion has changed and feminine forms came into Vogue. I am sincerely glad of this fact. In the beginning of my career in Hollywood was considered shameful to even show a edge of lingerie. I love bold and liberated women and glad they came. All Kim had to admit that a woman can have a curvy shape and be sexy at the same time”, – frankly said Helen in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph”s Stella Magazine.

Just recently, Kardashian posted another “naked” the in “Instagram”. On a black and white photo socialite shown from the back: on the bed in one bra star demonstrates his famous fifth point, which followers considered the stretch.

Photo posted Kim Kardashian West (@@kimkardashian) June 2 2016 6:45 PDT

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