Хайди Клум опубликовала фотографию топлес
Recently, the supermodel Heidi Klum often pleases his fans with candid photos, and each photo becomes more intimate than the previous one.

Хайди Клум опубликовала фотографию топлес

Recently on his personal page, Heidi posted a photo, which depicted Topless. My Breasts model has covered only by a sticker. Followers do not get tired marvel at the courage Klum.

Хайди Клум опубликовала фотографию топлес

“Everyone says that I’m almost 45 and want to come up with a more suitable occupation. At such moments, I think about the women who are 50, 60, 70… Do we have a shelf life and after a certain age we can’t feel sexy?” — as some have stated celebrity.

It should be noted that Heidi has four children, last year, the model ended the relationship with his boyfriend Vito Schnabel, who was caught cheating.

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