He came to himself: Alexander Ovechkin has changed beyond recognition

Пришел в себя: Александр Овечкин изменился до неузнаваемости
Hockey ended to celebrate winning the Stanley Cup.

Photo: Instagram

About two weeks ago, Alexander Ovechkin team Washington capitals won the Stanley Cup. This victory was one of the biggest events in the world of hockey this season. And so Alexander, who first won this honour, this reward at all was 10 years old.

After winning the Ovechkin together with his pregnant wife Anastasia Subsky whole week celebrating the event. He has participated in official events, and in all kinds of parties, which were held in his honor. And everywhere Ovechkin appeared arm in arm with a beautiful wife and a Cup. Also in the arms. One gets the impression that he didn’t let it go for a minute. Moreover, he even slept with him! This is a funny photo (at least, I would like to believe that this is humor) was published in social networks by Alexander and Anastasia.

But now, finally, the “spree” is over. Ahead of Alexander the holidays and a very happy time, because this summer, he will be the first time father. Today Subsky has published a new photo of her husband, which it is not immediately possible to know — so he changed.

The fact that hockey players are very superstitious people. And most of them try during important competitions not to shave. Ovechkin has previously announced that he shaved off his beard. Moreover, with the support of the manufacturer of accessories for shaving, which is a hockey player, he turned an ordinary shave at a charity event. Razor of the famous hockey player will be auctioned and all proceeds from the sale will go to help organizations that support children with disabilities playing hockey.

Shaved and rested after a hard series of games and the subsequent celebrations Ovechkin even if he was younger! Fans have noticed that without a beard and with a light tan 32-year-old Alexander began to look the same age as 24-year-old wife.