Хайден Панеттьери продает одежду ради спасения мирового океана

Hayden panettiere tries to save the world’s oceans. She does it in an interesting way.

The actress encourages you to buy her things, put on a specially created website, thus you can become involved in saving our planet.

Your call to action on haydenscloset left itself panettiere: “Now more than ever the world needs to unite and change. If certain cultures had a tradition, that does not mean that in today’s world they are acceptable to us. The world and the environment evolyutsioniruet, and that means we have to change our path as a man.”

The site has a large number of things that Heidi once had a direct relationship. Here you can find jeans, t-shirts, dresses, shoes, accessories and more.

“The ocean is the largest ecosystem of the Earth, and that it could flourish people must maintain the “health” of the oceans, which is very important for human survival, as it is home to a large part of the sustenance of mankind” — written on the star website, which also notes that we all need to think about what to change things for the better able each of us. You just need to want it.