Alexander Sheps praying for a loved one

Александр Шепс молится за близкого человека Recently, the psychic found the poem I wrote as a teenager, and started reminiscing. Touching piece of Sheps devoted to his mother. In it, Alexander thanked the parent for life, and seem to lift it.

      Fans of the 30-year-old winner of season 14 of “the battle of psychics” Alexander Sheps know that he enjoys writing poetry. MAG periodically publishes his works on social networks. Alexander recently surprised fans with the unexpected find. The star of the show was reminiscing and shared a very personal letter to his mother, which he wrote as a teenager. Turning to the nearest person Sheps was in verse form. It has the following lines:

      The world bestowed the womb.
      The fruit that came, was sent by the gods.
      The force flows over him
      Sees and treats your son with your hands.
      Spirits to protect me
      In my ear tell me the right answer.
      Pass by any trouble,
      The right way show me the light!

      Apparently, already in his childhood Alexander was conceived of the divine origin of people. A poem of Isaac ends with a poignant appeal to his mother, thanking her for their lives:

      You had not the prophet
      You gave life perfect soul,
      You got a gift from God
      He multiplied thy all in me!

      Fans of psychic thanked him for his candor. They found that the work of the Sheps was very dramatic and full of love for the native man. “Very cool”, “So touching”, “a Beautiful poem” “Prayer in honor of mom… Cool!”, “Right up to the ants. Bravo!”, “Talent”, “Even at the age of fifteen you understood what not such as all”, “softly and sincerely”, “Very”, “Awesome”, “Cool”, “Not like children’s work,” was discussed by the fans of Alexander.

      Recall that the celebrity mother is also a psychic. Lyudmila Sheps lives in Samara and is well known in certain circles. Fans believe that Alexander inherited his abilities from her. It is known that Ludmila enjoys Tarot cards and Tarot can predict the future and communicate with spirits.

      In addition, the Network has information about one of the brothers of Alexander, his name is Oleg. Fans of the participant of the TV show I believe that a relative of the winner of season 14 also has certain abilities and therefore may one day come to the project of channel TNT. A young man lives together with a psychic in Moscow and helps him with business development, “Workshop magic”.