Handsome son of Alena Sviridova furor

Красавец-сын Алены Свиридовой произвел фурор
The singer was a pleasant meeting in Paris.

Alena Sviridova and son Basil

Photo: @alenasviridova Instagram of Alena Sviridova

The eldest son of Alena Sviridova — 33-year-old Vasily since the childhood lives away from her mother. From a young age he is to relocate to Canada, where he worked and lived his father is the first husband of the actress Sergey. Meeting Alena and Vasiliy occur very rarely.

But Alena did see grown-up son. It happened in France, where it recently rested Sviridov. The Basil made the present furor among her fans. “What a beauty!”, “That’s crazy… was macho,” “This is my son?Wow! How cool! Like brother and sister,” admired by fans Sviridova.

By the way, on the days Alena made a statement about relationships with men. The singer shared his opinion that, based on his years of experience, she advises wives to forgive her husband’s infidelity. The singer is sure that between adult men and children there is no difference, so communicating with them should also be careful.

“You love him with all diapers, diapers, twos, rudeness, with all that he gives — is this love unconditional. Men we love so well, in fact, — said Sviridov. — All say: “He cheated on you — dump him, he’s a scoundrel”. No, he’s alive. He went to experiment. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not!”