Handsome Ashton Kutcher admitted that he is rapidly losing hair!

Красавчик Эштон Катчер признался, что стремительно теряет волосы!
The actor spoke about his progressive baldness.

Красавчик Эштон Катчер признался, что стремительно теряет волосы!

Ashton Kutcher


During the famous TV show host Connor O’brien’s 40-year-old Ashton Kutcher made live an unexpected confession. He said that rapidly
going bald!

It all started with the fact that Connor, who, according to gossip, wears a wig, decided to make Ashton a compliment. “Jealous
you! You always look so beautiful, you just cool
hair!” said O’brien. But Kutcher
laughed in response. He threw a hand back comb the bangs and
showed noticeable bald patches. “My hair just disappears…” explained

According to the actor, the first time he noticed that his hair began
to thin, when he was only 25 years old. “I then went to the doctor, who is engaged in
hair. And the guy prescribed me a drug Adovart. Miracle this did not happen, but
my hair, like, began to fall slowly. And then we Cute decided
to have children. Then I thought: “Who knows what this drug can
to manifest side effects, and will not affect
is it our children?” And I stopped taking it. Since then, everything went far
faster…” he told Kutcher. But, to the delight of Ashton, both of the kids from Mila kunis, wife of the actor,
quite healthy. Recall: eldest daughter
Uayett this fall will be five years. And little Dimitri just yet
a year and a half.

Although Kutcher stopped taking my medication only a few years ago, during this time, his hair suffered significant losses. However, Ashton
trying not to faint, “the Doctor explained to me that hair loss is quite
natural process. In the male body produces testosterone. And
a side effect is the weakening of hair follicles…” Actor claims that a bald head is soon all done, but Kutcher is not yet too
care. “First, all accustomed to the fact that I wear a baseball cap. So
I won’t be that hard to hide his head. And secondly, what about the profession I will go into more
the role — become a distinctive actor, to whom bald is not a problem!” —
said Ashton.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis with children