Холли Берри впервые показала лицо своего сына
The actress explained why she’s hiding her children.

Холли Берри впервые показала лицо своего сына

Halle Berry


Photo: Instagram @halleberry

Son Halle berry, Maceo — it will soon be five years old, but she
I have never shared a photo where you could see his face. The boy was not able to capture even a clever Hollywood paparazzi. Now Holly has finally solved itself
to show what it looks like her son. She has published on his page in the social
network photo, which maseo is captured in a half-turn to the readers.

Fans of the actress came to love this
image. “It’s as beautiful as his mother!” — he wrote one. “This little guy is just perfect!” commented
other. Another fan of the actress thanked her for what she decided to share
a photo of his son.

However, as it turned out, this decision was a hard
Holly is not easy. Because until now she published only those pictures maseo and his
the eldest, 10-year-old sister Nala, who
was made from the back. Or those where children’s faces were closed. “I have long fought
with you. I didn’t want to exploit
my children, drawing attention to himself at their expense. But, on the other hand, I
understand that this is not fair to my devoted fans. And
then I decided to compromise. I
thought I would show half his face…” said berry.

Fans of the actress does not get tired to wonder how she, a single mother manages to work, raise children and at the same time in 51 years
look for 30 years! Recently the actress revealed the secret, confessing that she has her own recipe of keeping the “eternal youth”. “My
the secret that allows me to confront age — a special broth from the bones,
which is at least 8 hours. Personally, I simmered the bones in a thick-walled
saucepan in low heat, for 24 hours straight. The purpose of such a long
cooking — to bring the bones to the point that they began to distinguish themselves from
gelatin and collagen contained in these minerals. These substances support
the immune system, strengthen tendons and bones, improve hair condition and of course